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The Ants Go Marching In


We’re back from the Great Oklahoma Wedding, and as promised I’m making my full report on the trip down and back in the 15-passenger van. We loaded up and started out at about 9:30 on Thursday morning, with all but one place unfilled in the van. I was plunked down in the middle of the very back seat in between my niece Claire and my other niece Adeline. At first they weren’t so bad, but as the trip progressed they soon became restless and made frequent trips back and forth to their mother’s seat. At some points I’d have my nephew Thaddeus and Claire by me, Adeline and Thaddeus, or all the three. Needless to say it wasn’t very comfortable back there for me when I was wedged in between three small, fidgety children.

Soon it came time to pop in a movie in the portable DVD player and get the kids to stay seated. I had been attempting to get my homework done all this time, and was so sick of trying to balance my book on my knees and write down ledgible and sensible answers that I finally gave up and tried to watch the movie. The choice of entertainment turned out to be Barbie Mermaidia. After a bit I just couldn’t take it anymore and turned back to my homework. Someone suggested singing. And so started an upbeat and greatly annoying “The Ants Go Marching In” song to end. I’ll forever hate that song.

After dropping off Peter with relatives in Missouri, we soon arrived in Kansas City, Kansas, where we stayed the night at our aunt and uncle’s house. The next day we got down to business and made it to Oklahoma City in the early afternoon in good time and without too many crying fits. Then followed our own personal Royal Wedding and after all the excitement was done, we started out again on Sunday morning, this time going all the way back home, no splitting the trip. We had to tackle those 14 hours in one Sunday. Whew. I didn’t think it was going to be that bad. The ride up had been almost nice most of the time. But the ride up was… different.

We had added two people to our caravan, brother Gabe and Colleen. Gabe started out in the back seat with Claire and Adeline, and I moved up a seat. But neither of the girls were happy with that. Both wanted to sit with their mom, knowing that Gabe wasn’t going to be easy on them. So early on, we had crying. Not a good sign. Drinks were spilled, bladders almost overflowed, and it seemed it would never end. The trip went on, and on, and on. Night came. People fell asleep, but not me. I don’t usually sleep in cars. Thankfully I was saved by Thaddeus, who was still wide awake and happy at midnight, and was at a dangerous level of cuteness. Showing me how he could “nap his fingers”, and that “akchuawy he’s kind of shy” shed a ray of light in the darkness of that van. At 1:00 A.M we finally made it home with our heads still on and the beautiful memories of a beautiful wedding. Bags were collected, and I walked into the house loving the look of home sweet home.

Our Red Dirt Royal Wedding

by Kate

As the coverage of the royal wedding builds to a fever pitch. the Slattery clan is off and rushing towards Oklahoma City by plane train and automobile for the wedding of our own King Rob.

Granted, his domain was limited to a teenaged life spent alternately dominating the basketball courts and lying in bed eating potato chips while bellowing demands for his slavish younger siblings, who were required to serve him hand and foot in exchange for the privilege of spending time in his presence watching his television, which was the only one in the house.  Nevertheless, Rob has always felt like a king. Luckily for him, those basketball skills came in handy to help him find a queen. While realizing his lifelong dream of playing college basketball, Rob met Nicole.

Nicole is a gorgeous blond Oklahoma girl just shy of six feet tall. She and Rob are a striking sight.

Rob is a carpenter, and last fall he was building a barn behind my parents house.

He was also building a plan to get hitched. Nicole was visiting from Oklahoma and early in the morning he took her to a cabin high on a Wisconsin ridge with sweeping views of the whole wide world.

He brought her coffee, the newspaper, breakfast, a dozen yellow roses….

…and an engagement ring.

King Rob was pretty thrilled to have found a future queen.

Nicole was thrilled too, even though she was quickly drafted into manual labor in the squash field.

Somehow this did not deter her from planning a future life on a ridge top in Wisconsin.

This weekend, Rob and Nicole are getting married in Oklahoma City.Then they can set about creating their own private basketball team.

It promises to be one heck of an adventure. Please pray that there are no tornadoes, and that the Amish passenger van carrying my parents and a scattered assortment of old and young people makes it safely across the great plains. We will tell you all about the festivities, with pictures of course, starting next Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Slattery Oklahoma Suburb Rush of 2011

On April 22, 1889 the first land run took place in Oklahoma, opening up restricted land in the United States.

In a mad (and sometimes deadly) catastrophic disaster, men women and children would madly rush by or on foot, wagon, train, or sometimes even bicycle through Oklahoma to stake out a claim at a specific location.

On April 30th, 2011 a wedding will take place in the suburbs of Moore. My brother Robert will be marrying his fiancee Nicole, a native of Oklahoma.

Call me crazy, but I sense a similarity between these two events. You see, there are MANY Slattery’s, and only one destination. Last Summer when Kate was home on a family visit, all of us (Cale included), managed to make it down to the Coon Valley park which is approximately a grand total of 10 miles down the road, for a fun evening of grilling, swimming and basketball.The fact that we managed to traverse down several windy hills with food and a basketball was a huge break through for this disorganized, gregarious, Irish family.

When my brother announced his engagement last September I had to keep myself in check and congratulate him before blurting out ” and Leanie (Colleen) and my dog and I are getting to Oklahoma SEPARATELY!!!!

My introverted soul bleeds at the picture I will virtually weave of this OK family bonding trip:

My family is taking a 15 passenger van. My Grandmother who is hard of hearing, has little sight, and is in poor health will be going.

My cousin Gregory and brother James will be aboard. They are both in full fledged guys in midst of teenage adolescence glory.

Christopher is also along for the ride. He is my wonderful cousin with a lively spirit and cerebral palsy.

There are few things Chris loves better then hanging out with James and Greg and matching them in levels of noise and humor.

Peter Drake will be on the Slattery caravan too.

I am wondering how this will work, for the great Drake has yet to make it through a Sunday sermon without hitting up the bathroom in the church basement. His trips to the restroom are as consistent as the transubstantiation. No doubt they will remain as constant on this southern venture.

My brother Gabe has permission from his wife Aurora, to ride with Robert to the wedding, thus meaning that Aurora will be bringing their 4 children along with in the van.

I love my nieces and nephews X 100, but it is much more fun to chase them around their house then to ride in a moving vehicle with them. The “duck guys duck!” game is a traveling system that happens in worst case scenarios for this branch of the family. It involves squealing unbuckled kids taking vanishing cues when a car of question approaches. Aurora has already confided in me that she has a feeling by the time she sees Gabe in Oklahoma, she will hand him over their brood and have no interest in keeping a land claim with him……!

Colleen will be flying into Dallas before the wedding. She will later ride with a few of the UD Slattery boys to Moore. She expressed to me that she thinks that she might die or kill somebody if she were to make the trip with the rest of the Wisconsin pioneers. Apparently, this trip is reaching Donnar Party drama!

On the bright side of things, my father and mother are thrilled to embark on the Slattery caravan adventure. Whenever Dad goes someplace in the spring, he always ends up bringing a black garbage bag with fresh asparagus in it and ice dripping in pools that manage to leak from the hot black plastic. Generally, warm cheese is also stored in a suspicious  bag. Seeing as he is not flying, it’s bound to be less exciting then when he transports this cargo in the airport. Maybe driving will enable him to have the freedom to take a live free-range chicken or two?!? They could roost near James, Christopher and Gregory and cluck and squawk along with those boys.

To tie this post together, I’ll just end by mentioning that on Wednesday, the 27th of April, I am headed to stake out my claim in the Oklahoma suburbs. I will beat everybody there. Not on Mars, or running, or biking, or taking the Slattery caravan. Nope you all, I am flying.

The pioneer spirit in me is not alive I guess, so I will just have to leave all those aboard the Slattery Caravan to have the best Oklahoma land stake experience they can.