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The King and Queen of Brussels

by Kate

Tis the day before Thanksgiving, and I am seated calmly upon a wooden stool at home, sipping coffee and still pondering my grocery list for the meal I am hosting tomorrow for my husband’s family.  I am amazed to find myself here- not because I am preparing a large meal tomorrow, since my role as the eldest of 9 in a farm family meant that every Sunday afternoon involved a Thanksgiving like meal- but because I spent a good portion of my life working in the produce section of the grocery store. In the grocery world, Thanksgiving is a grand crescendo of madness. It is hurried and harried and glorious. One year a wild eyed woman threatened to have the head of my boss if he did not produce the proper organic free range precisely weighted heirloom turkey she wanted. It was a wild whirlwind of a week, and I miss it…. but I am glad to be here, pondering my grocery list.

Thankfully, my family is still deeply rooted in the world of produce. Last year, I wrote this post about Mary, farm photography, and memories of my mountain farmers. This year, the autumn harvest is pouring in again and out onto the shelves of our local food coops, and it was time for another photo shoot. This time Clare took over my father’s duties as photographer and followed Mary and Dad out into the field.

Clare may not be the most natural farmer in the family (who could forget the Red Vegetable From Hell), but she does have a great eye for photos.

Although I’m a little unsure what my father is doing with that machete there. Perhaps illustrating the cutthroat world of organic farming and marketing? The close and yet sometimes sharp relationship he shares with his daughter Mary? These two are quite the pair. Lone wolves, both of them- but then so many farmers are. I love this next picture, and think it is worth a thousand words on farming, freedom, harvest, solitude, and peace.

Back when my Dad was a part time farmer and full time journalist, he carried a big photo bag everywhere he went and took pictures for the paper, and he often let one of the kids take the picture and get a published photo credit. He often advised us to get down on one knee. Mary said during this shoot he gave this advice to Clare again, and then he and Mary knelt too. I think it may be the best shot, and I’ll bet it’s the one that will end up in the ads or on a big produce section wall somewhere.

I took a look at that photo and then went back to that post I mentioned earlier, the one about my own brief and lovely career meeting farmers in the mountains and taking their pictures, and sure enough- there I was on one knee. On this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the way that my father taught me and formed my life, for bountiful harvests and sharp and rusty blades, and all.

Off to the produce section to find some brussel sprouts of my own- Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day Jumble

By: Clare

A lot of things were different this Thanksgiving.

For one thing, there was absolutely no snow on the  ground.

And crazily enough, I’m kind of ready for it to snow. In fact, I kind of miss the snow we usually have around at about this time. Except I know once it actually starts snowing there aren’t many chances of it stopping, and then the snow will be here to stay for awhile. And I will grow sick of it. Very, very sick of snow and cold. But thats something I can tell you about during winter. For now: Thanksgiving.

If you hadn’t noticed from the above picture, something has changed on our dog too. He no  longer looks like a groomed poodle, instead, he looks like the Australian Shepherd he really is.

Speaking of dogs, did I mention I missed this year’s National Dog Show that airs on Thanksgiving day? Well, I did, and I must say, I was extremely disappointed. Stupid football. You ruin everything.

You might have also noticed the stacked pile of wood in the first photo. We use a small wood stove to heat our entire 3-story farmhouse, which makes everthing all warm and cozy in the winter. It actually got so warm we had to open the windows to cool the kitchen. I love wood heat!

And just because I can, why not throw in another wood pile shot?

Wow, I’ve strayed quite off topic, haven’t I? I suppose I might have to go back to my Thanksgiving theme…

Well, this Thanksgiving we had a much smaller crowd. Only eight people ate with us! Can you believe it? I couldn’t, as I set the table, but it did make it so that everyone had the same matching china dishes, which hasn’t been able to happen in while due to there not being enough of our good china to go around.

The table is set a lot differently on Thanksgiving day than it is at any other normal meal. And the ridiculous thing is, I actually like setting the table for Thanksgiving, and on every other day its one of my least favorite chores. First we put on a pretty lace tablecloth (we never use tablecloths, they’d get absolutely ruined if we used them everyday).

The china that I mentioned before was a wedding gift to my great-grandmother on my mother’s side and has been handed down to us. This makes the china even more special, because I’m all about the history.

So when the table was set to perfection, thanks to yours truly, the food was put on and we all sat down to stuff ourselves.

Ironically, we never eat turkey for Thanksgiving. Instead, we opt for our own homegrown chicken!

And of course, the most delicious stuffing ever.

There was more…cranberries, homemade bread, but I don’t want to overload your taste buds!

Well, I guess that was it. Not a very eventful Thanksgiving, but there is so much to be thankful for my life that that fact was forgotten…until my teenage attitude remembered and went downstairs to complain to Mom and search for some leftover stuffing.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!