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Creek Jumpin’

by Colleen

While Kate may have been busy with her sophisticated city adventures, I was busy showing my friends a good time in the country. Once the snow melted and we had all already tromped a few miles up and up and eventually down the hills surrounding our home in Middle Ridge, WI, it was time to come up with something more daring to do. And so I proposed the idea of a little Polar Bear Swim in the creek. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from my Southern friends, but to my happy surprise they did not look at me like I was a crazy idiot and walk away shaking their heads. “Haha, suckers,” I thought to myself. “You don’t know what you’ve been swindled into.”

What we had in store were the icy waters of Coon Creek, the little swimming hole which my family has populated every summer for as long as I can remember. Spring fed with a surprisingly strong current, the deep green waters have chilled me on even the hottest summer days. Luckily, I was the only one with this knowledge, and not wanting to scare my friends off, I kept it that way. And so, on a sunny but brisk 35 degree day, we made the ten mile drive down to Coon Valley and to the creek.

The troops and I made the walk down the path to the creekside.

Layers were shed.

And consultations about the the intelligence of this move were made.

“Okay guys, now how the heck are we gonna do this??”  Selena, Hermes, and Killian, weaklings all, were worried about the rocks.  Pffffttt, come on!  There was no choice but a heroic leap.  And so we all lined up for the Olympian feat.

Too impatient to listen to their dither, I ran on headlong and leapt into the icy waters, followed closely by the rest.

And it was cold, oh so very cold.  To my utter humiliation, it was noted by everyone that I screamed loudest upon breaking surface.  Texas-what have you done to my Midwestern toughness??  But to climb out of the water was amazing.  The cold penetrated everything but in a way, I was the most awake and alive then I’d ever been.  From my purple feet to my blue lips, I tingled and shook.  And it was lovely.  I looked into the pale noonday sun and just smiled with joy.

I was so proud of my friends, each of which fared as well or better than I in our creek jumpin’ excursion.  To finally find people as crazy as me, what a blessing!  I think I have the toughest Southern friends ever.  And I think that maybe, just maybe, next time I’ll take them to the creek when it’s oh, say 50 degrees?, hotter.  But I don’t think it will be nearly the same.

Fourth of July Fun

By: Clare

(Note: I know this is a while after the Fourth of July, but I didn’t get around to writing this until now due to my being quite busy/lazy lately.)

Our family has never been the All-American type. But as we celebrated Independece Day, we got pretty close. And so the Slattery family (minus Gabe and Aurora’s family, who were visiting family in Sheboyghan) made their way down to Coon Valley Park for a picnic and some swimming to cool off from the heat. The ride down was a test of patience thanks to Dad’s very  “cautious” driving we were all going insane and just  about ready to strangle someone.

When we finally got there, we immediately ran for the creek, a cool relief from the hot, crowded car. Coon Creek has been the Slattery’s personal swimming pool for as long as I can remember. It’s free, refreshingly cool, and open to the public.

After a while we hopped out long enough to get a bite to eat in the shade.

Rob manned the grill…

and Mom  and Colleen made everything else.  I don’t do kitchen work. We don’t get along.

We played horshoes for a little while…

Swam some more…

And then it was time to leave. I know what you’re thinking. What about the fireworks? It is the Fourth of July they’re celebrating, right?The Slattery family has never really been the firework kind. As a child I was very upset by our delaying the buying of fireworks until the day before the Fourth, and always disappointed at the flimsy display that was bought. But this year I found myself actually not even caring whether we had fireworks or not. We did end up having a few, thanks to Cale, and they were actually pretty nice. I learned this Independence Day that not only do I not care about fireworks anymore, but that it’s really hard to take pictures of fireworks. The one that I did end up getting that I thought was adequate was just a picture of a sparkler anyway, and also not uploaded on the computer, so I guess this is all there is to see.

Hope you had a great Fourth of July!