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Through The Seasons

By: Mary

Today I mulled over the changing seasons while clearing a garden bed that I had used to do a test variety plot for the University of Madison. This is the second year in which I have worked with UWM testing plant breeds and collecting data. They are collaborating with the USDA on this project which is being conducted in four growing regions of the US. With that aside, the clearing of vegetation made me think of how rapidly the seasons have switched from spring to summer, and now into autumn. I am lucky that my dell is loaded with many pictures of beautiful evidence of the growing season. Let’s start with early spring….

Isn’t the world so wonderful in spring? This picture was taken in the month of May as my Dad heads out to harvest asparagus. Asparagus is the first and one of the most appreciated crops that we grow. It is the icing on the cake to the brand new season. Or at least a delicacy in a skillet fried with bacon grease.

Here are a few of us siblings in June. When this picture was taken, we were challenging each other to a race before going to the cilantro crop for a pre-harvest thinning. It looks lovely doesn’t it? What you don’t see is that  dirt clods were thrown, arguments broke out about 8 times, and it is probable that bickering came up about who could drive the tractor, who was the most lazy worker, and who got the great privilege of lying prostrate on the hood of the van as it swerved over bumpy clay field roads.

Here are Raph, Colleen, and I. Please note that Clare and James are not in this photo. Sometimes they have a tendency to just vanish from a project. They have taught me that some people need water breaks that last 25 minutes. Clare has also taught me that she associates harvesting Swiss Chard with hell because she hates it so much, and because chard is the color red. Gosh, the agricultural things one learns from a 14 years old!

Just because the summer has passed, doesn’t mean it’s time to put our boots up. September and October and the most busy months around here.

Early in the morning while the dew is still wet on the leaves and weeds, there is work to be done. These photos were taken this very morning while harvesting kale.

I hope you readers all enjoyed this photo essay of the changing of the seasons. If you have any questions or comments about agriculture or agricultural procedures, please direct them to Clare Slattery. I am sure she would be more than happy to answer them, or even help you out in your garden if you are in close local proximity to Sweet Ridge Farm.

Sincerely, mary