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A Combined Disaster

by Mary

Last Saturday I went to a square dance that was held at Leo and Leona’s. My Parents, Robert, Colleen, Clare, and a Ukrainian exchange student friend of Colleen’s also were there.

The fact that the dance gave me an opportunity to wiggle into wranglers and put my cowboy boots back into commission, made me a happy woman. Drinking a gin and tonic and ordering a second against the advice of Robert also brightened my spirits. Although my spirits were high, my memory wasn’t. Generally, a few helpful skills for ones success at square dancing are: Memory, a attention span that is longer then like 20 seconds, rhythm, and a crazy bright IQ that knows the directions right from left.

Oops-all of those slight skills were sorely lacking. Giggling nonstop and kicking up my heels were the only fortes that I amply possessed.

Somehow, I managed to forget that I had run 6.5 miles and declared war on my garden and raked the muddy yard earlier on. Therefore, drinking was a very very bad idea.

The extreme challenge of detecting right from left wasn’t the only challenge that I faced. I also had the problem of John. For those of you that don’t know John, he is the 50 something year old developmentally disabled foster son of a couple that my parents are friends with. Because his foster parents own the greenhouse that my Dad rents space at, I have had many  run-ins with him. He is obsessed with my hair and has gone as far as to write a letter to my Father asking to date me. His affections towards me are like mean karma. Long, long ago he liked my sister Kate. At this time I found his interests in her a most amusing comedy. But after Kate grew up and moved to the city, his interests boomerranged and came right back to the family tree….. me. Now Kate’s entirely unsympathetic towards my plight from him and tells me that I am getting just what I deserved.

A few weeks ago, I was at the farm he lives at helping a crew of guys to get the green house up and running for the season. I had my hair braided and a power drill in my hand. At this point being a pretend carpenter was more of a problem then John’s presence.

But not at the dance! By the time I finished dancing a call with John, I was cured of my laughter. Suddenly, square dancing, the extreme complexity of lefts and rights, and John’s own laughter and hugs didn’t hold much amusement.

I think that wise women sticks to what she is good at. I am pretty decent at playing at sports. I also am a fantastic water chugger.  Also, I have super natural instincts of telling up from down. Maybe I should stick to these skill sets in the days to come. Plus, with the weather becoming absolutely beautiful again, I don’t have to find an excuse to wear my boots and wranglers. Now I can swoop around the fields and pastures on my quarter horse without the added distractions that I listed above.

Dasvidayna all!


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Bud Light and Amish Boys

by Mary

Until last night, I thought that my dear sister Colleen  and her graceful ability with writing had the Amish topic covered. But after meeting up with my brother Rob at the bar yesterday, I realized that I had an addition to make on reporting about Amish happenings around these parts. You may be wondering why I had the inspiration to blog about the Amish while at a tavern of all places. Bear with me and I shall explain.

First, I would like to introduce my favorite bar: Leo and Leona’s. This bar is located along Hwy 33,  just two or three miles from my parents house. The establishment is literally an old piece of ridge history around these parts. In general, I am not a bar person. I abhor smoky places filled with too much crowded commotion, also, random guys hitting on me is not something that I appreciate. Leo and Leona’s is my safe spot. It’s more pub-like than anything. The place is known for good local music that varies. Live music is performed inside the adjoined dance hall, a space that was used to host basketball games and dances under old open beam rafters back in the 40’s. Recently, the bar has started to once again hold square dances. This is something that I find delightfully dorky and oddly fun. Particularly in the summer time , I like to go pop in at the bar. More likely than not, I’ll be in wranglers and cowboy boots and on the way home from riding my horse, or not so put together in an old mini skirt and rain boots. When I am at Leo and Leona’s, it doesn’t really matter, because it’s a low key kind of atmosphere, and I am almost always with my brothers. An hour or two there is a rather amusing experience.

For quite some time now,  one of the owners and the regular bartender have been asking me if I will take up some hours tending bar. In the past, I’ve always laughed the question away. But the other night, I just had to say yes…. You see, the bar is currently being re-sided on the exterior by two young Amish men from the Bangor community. I have seen them busy at work while out running or driving past. Never have I put much energy into thinking about them and their gig (at a tavern for goodness sakes!).

Much to my initial confusion, the other night, I saw both of them not outside the bar, but IN it! One was dressed in normal Amish garb, the other in jeans and a checkered shirt. Regardless of his “englisher” clothing, his tell-tale bowl cut hair and demeanor totally gave him away as a young Amish man out in the mainstream world.

Though it was difficult not to stare because of the supreme awkwardness of the entire situation, I held my ground and didn’t gawk at them perched on stools at the end of the bar. After a bit, Dan a Co-Owner of the place, threw out his old offer of “Mary, you want to bartend?” “Why” I asked. His response was “Well Levi and his friend here don’t want to see any old man behind the bar. They want a women to serve them drinks, so can’t you just fill in for Mark while he goes out on break?”

This offering of all offerings was such a bizarre situation that I couldn’t resist. Really, I mean how many people hand out cold Bud Lights to rebellious Amish carpenters? With a timid but jovial attitude, and my maximum drinking limit of 2 gins and tonics, I took up the job of a temporary bartender for a bit.

I have a super embarrassing track record of reading what I consider to be junk food for the brain, that is, Amish fiction novels. It seems like all the books are the same. You have the rebel drama. Young Amish guys drive cars, drink, and try to date worldy women. Before, I used to just snort and think about how silly those fluff books are. It’s so weird to be in a setting where it actually is what those bad-for-my-brain books have chapters about. My brother swears that they were checking me out….weird, weird weird!

In the future, I have no interest in serving any Amish bad boys beer. I would much rather do business with them. I’ll stick to having them ferry my horses hooves and sell me tack and fencing supplys. It’s a heck of a lot less weird, plus I can always use a new halter or shank. Perhaps I can barter for tack with Bud Light though?