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Indian Nights

By: Clare

Spring is turning to summer, brown is returning to green, and the world is glorious again. This was the case last Sunday night, as a warm breeze softly caressed the seemingly endless fields along our high hilltop home. My parents were away in Dallas attending my older brother’s college graduation, and  Mary and I were left to ourselves for a weekend. This got old quite fast, and so we eagerly agreed to babysitting our nieces and nephew. Someone came up with the idea to play Indians, which seemed like the perfect game for three wild children to play. First, the proper wardrobe and makeup were needed.

Adeline chose her dress carefully. It may not have fit very well with the Indian theme, but it definitely worked with the Adeline theme..which is DRAMATIC.


Claire fit perfectly into the Indian dress Mary was as a girl, handmade by our “crafty” mother.


We couldn’t resist putting Thaddeus in Robert’s old Indian boy outfit. And of course, Indian war paint was completely necessary.


Watch out. He’s feisty.


While Thaddeus went with the tough guy attitude, Claire stayed in a more melancholic mood.


I can’t wait for summer and more Indian nights.


Rain Boots and Lambs at School

Mary has a really fantastic pair of rain boots this spring, as well as a little lamb. Here she is on the porch at Sweet Ridge Farm.

Well, make that three little lambs.

Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go- here it has been imprisoned in a shed by a group of very excited schoolchildren who, while laughing and playing, corralled the lambs into into the shed full of playground equipment.

Did I mention the kids were pretty excited about it?

All photos by Clare.