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Capturing the Kings

By: Clare

As you may already know I am currently visiting my oldest sister, Kate, in Pittsburgh for several weeks. The city is full of places I want to go and people I want to see. On the list of people I decided I must see were the Farm Kings, who star in a GAC reality TV series that follows their big family’s farming life. The Farm Kings just happen to live in the country outside of Pittsburgh, and even better, Kate happens to have a job writing and taking pictures for their new magazine.


Calling me a fan of a reality show about farming (because we all know how much I love farming) would definitely be stretching the truth, as in, stretching the truth about, say, as wide as the Grand Canyon, but I was excited to see how the Farm Kings live their life when the cameras aren’t around.

So one early morning Kate and I hopped into her city car for a jaunt in the country. And although I love the city, I must say that it was fantastic to be out in the country for a while.


I stood by holding a grinning (but heavy!) baby Francisco


while Kate questioned the King brothers on the current topic – chicken butchering.


While I watched Francisco, I also observed the Farm Kings’ system of butchering which I found to be much more organized that any Slattery chicken butchering system has ever been. Kate and I noted that the six-year-old present was playing in the dirt instead of participating in the chicken butchering process, whereas I began chicken butchering as a four-year-old. But it can be noted that I have always been a chicken butchering pro.

Then, being the expert assistant that I am, I read through her notes and found that Kate is a journalist through and through, because she’s really mastered the journalist scribble, which is only legible by the writer’s eyes.


More pictures of the farm were needed for the magazine, so Kate and I set out to capture the best shots of Freedom Farms. I was even able to use my photography skills to take some pictures, two of which will be included in the next issue.


Kate went into super-mom mode, climbing a steep hill with a thirty pound baby weighing her down, while taking pictures.


While everything was beautiful and organized, we did note that the King brothers’ carpentry skills weren’t as high end as the Slattery brothers’.


We had a great time capturing the Farm Kings. To get the full story and the pictures, you should definitely go ahead and subscribe to the Freedom Farms Magazine. You can sign up here.

The Perfect Fit- Happy Father’s Day!

by Colleen

Today is the first day in my life that I can remember not being at home on Father’s Day-well, at least not on Father’s Day morning.  Currently, I am visiting my aunt in a suburb of Madison with Clare and two of my other cousins.  We are heading back home sometime this afternoon, after a weekend  girly things like chocolate cream pie, the movie Pride and Prejudice, running 10ks….oh wait, that wasn’t so girly of me.   But, this post isn’t about me.  It’s about my dad.

My dad is wonderful, simply put, and as is the case with most fathers, he rarely gets to hear it.  I don’t know what it is about fathers, but it is frankly a lot harder to tell one’s father,  “I love you,” on a regular basis as compared to telling that to one’s mother.  I wish I said it more often-not just on Father’s Day.  From our previous posts, and even my dad’s post on this blog, you probably know that he is a man of many talents and interests.  That is a very mild way of describing my father.

He is a tall man, solid and comforting as I know from years ago when I would curl up on his lap while he smoked a pipe, sending wafts of sweet tobacco scent around the room from his mouth in perfect smoke rings while my childish eyes watched in delighted amazement.

He is a brilliant writer, thinker, and the fastest reader I have ever seen.  I’ve always been so proud to be able to tell my friends that my dad used to be a journalist.  When I’ve had the pleasure of reading some of his past writings, I am always so impressed with his writing.  He made every story a unique an interesting one, and I could read his article for hours.  He is by far the best writer of us all.

He is a man of the land, heading out to the fields at 6 in the morning whistling cheerfully, with a hoe in hand.  He works in the fields from morning to evening because of the joy it brings him, not just out of a sense of duty.  He has infused his children with a true appreciation for wholesome, local, and just plain good food.  A lesson pounded home in humorous ways such as the memorization of phrases like, “Feel good-eat garlic,” and, “Family farms yes-factory farms no!” by us younger children.  And I love it.

My father is not a perfect man, and I am not a perfect daughter.  But, I know that there is no other father in the world who could ever take his place or that I could love more.  Together, we are the perfect fit.  I love you, Dad.  Thank you for all you are and all you’ve given me.  Happy Father’s Day!