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A Sunday Adventure

The Slattery family usually spends Sundays with a big meal with the whole family crowded around the table, followed by a special recreation that it seems each person has to celebrate the special day of the week reserved for rest. But this Sunday, the Slattery family packed up kids and food alike, to spend the day at a family friends’ house for a little get-together. It took at least 45 minutes of complete chaos to figure out who was going with who, and who’s going to take what dish we prepared, but eventually we got on our way. I, Clare, of course, was stuck going with Mom and Dad because there was “no room with the big kids for me”, which I was none too happy about, and poor Raph and James had gone to a separate mass and were left behind because of some miscommunication.

The Kinsmans have been friends with out dad since college, so we’ve certainly seen them before, but I can barely remember the one time I’ve been to their house. Mom would always come home from visiting gushing about their gardens and house, so I was very curious as to what their house would be like. It looks pretty average from the front.

But not so average from the back…

We all went ahead and helped ourselves to some delicious food from the kitchen.

We all ate our dinner on the magnificent shaded porch at the back of the house.

Following the meal, we were free to do whatever. Some took time to relax.

I myself went to explore the grounds. There were quite a few pretty flowers and a beautiful fountain. I just love fountains. Too bad this fountain didn’t have the water running.

They also had a pond, which Adeline had been very excited to swim in. She was quite disappointed when she learned it was too scummy for swimming. She had even come all prepared, wearing her swimsuit instead of clothes. She wears her swimsuit quite a lot.

All good things must come to an end, and after a few hours, it was time to head home, stuffed to the brim and content.

What did you do this Sunday?

Hot Times, Summer in the City

by Kate

After a month of daily rain on the grey stones of Pittsburgh, a heat wave rolled in shimmering on the gritty concrete.

Scores of university students still in town for the summer worshipped the sun in the shadow of the Tower of Learning (which Casey calls the Tower of Sauron) but on a recent expedition to the great Carnegie Libary in Oakland, we were more interested in seeking shade in a tree lined avenue.

I love these red doors on the Heinz Chapel- appropriate color for the ketchup dynasy, I suppose.

They have organ concerts at the chapel almost every weekend. Someday I will go, and I will write about it.

The chapel and green were beautiful, but the real highlight of our wandering walk was this fountain.

Fountains are definitely one of my favorite things about cities. I love the water in the midst of stone, the playfulness inherent in the art form. I love the fact that people build fountains. It makes me feel connected to and proud of the sweep and scope of civilization. I particularly love this fountain, because it is so beautiful.

Very inviting, on a hot summer day.

All right, so it didn’t take that long before we started teaching Olympia the proper response to a cool fountain on a hot summer day. Thankfully, we weren’t alone. The fountain was full of kids.

There are times when I really do love being in the city- and I think Olympia does, too.