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by Mary

For several weeks, Kate rattled off incentives to bribe me to come and visit her in Pittsburgh. The one that really caught my interest was the opportunity to box with her husband.

Currently I have been unable to find any boxing classes at home, but Casey always fills this void. In the past couple years, Casey has unleashed his considerable amount of passion onto Brazilian jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts. Casey has always been very encouraging of my interest in sparring.

Thus far, he has taken me along to boxing class and last weekend we spent some time sparring in the baseball diamond across the street from Kate’s house.

In a sense I do feel that Casey and I have come through the same battle together. A couple years ago, Casey ended up taking me under his wing when I got PRK surgery performed on my eyes in Pittsburgh. At that time, I was a scared 22 year old facing an operation that would slice off the top of my eye and leave me with a long and painful recovery process. This was a thoroughly uncomfortable situation, but infinitely preferable to blindness, which was another real possibility at that point. Casey picked me up from the shady strip mall clinic where I got my eyes sliced off, and helped me get my vicodin before taking me back to his then-bachelor-pad apartment. Unfortuntately for me, a full blown party hosted by his roommate was in session. I slept fitfully as cake and fried chicken were tossed at the walls, and was awakened in the early morning hours as sirens screamed by over and over again responding to a horrific mass murder of police officers half a mile away. Luckily for me my eyes eventually healed, and so did my memories of that night. Casey had PRK himself a year ago. His was a much calmer experience, with Kate to take care of him and no domestic or national catastrophes marring the healing process. When we spar these days, he tells me to aim for his five thousand dollar eyes. We both laugh. I am so grateful for my brother-in-law Casey and for my time in Pittsburgh.