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Good bye, Wisconsin!

by Colleen

A little over a week ago, I was dashing around the fields surrounding the Slattery family farm in Middle Ridge, Wisconsin, for a last good bye to western Wisconsin. Being the little sister most similar to Kate, I felt that it was only appropriate to commemorate this occasion with a photo shoot, in a long, green ball gown.  Clare was in tow, the director of Making Colleen’s Face Not Do Weird Things While Pictures Are Taken Of It, and my good friend, Cody, brought his photography skills and awesome camera.

The shots were taken in some of my favorite locations at home.

The asparagus field…..

The apple orchard…..

And of course, I had to taste our apples one last time…..they are truly the best apples in the world.  Can you tell from my face?

This gorgeous place is just a little nook off the path to the field and was completely Clare’s idea…

From there I headed out to do some flying leaps into our neighbor’s adjoining field.

Afterwards, I took a shot at snapping some pictures of our field myself.  I already miss this view so much.

It was on to the last location from there, the pasture next door.  And I never walk when I can run!

It was a day filled with green, a day filled with good byes.  I left the next morning for my Grandma’s house, three hours away, and on the next Monday, I flew into muggy Dallas.  Good bye, cool and green!  Good bye, Wisconsin!  Until we meet again….