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Dear Dad

by Colleen

I “got my run in” today,

And I happened to pass by on the way

A plaque underneath a tree

Proclaiming to all, “This is a Hackberry”.

(Oh, silly Texans, “y’all”,

You do not know your trees or even the fall).

I laughed in my head.

Hackberrys, you’ve taught to me,

Are meant to be hacked, a useless tree,

But down here, they know not

And cherish the ugly thing, giving it it’s own plot.

The trees down here, the weather’s ruined ’em.

They all look like you’ve come and pruned ’em.

All twisted and crumbly and dead.

They don’t know how to grow

Squash or turnips or radicchio.

Fluorescent fruits  fill the stalls

In the farmer’s market, foreign Spanish words call.

Cactus fruit, perish the thought!

What is this seedy thing I just bought?

I am so confused.

The cafeteria’s brussels sprouts, yuck!

Their asparagus, out of season, is muck.

Limply, it dangles, dingy and green,

I turn up my nose at the “green” beans.

It’s crazy down here, Dad, so odd.

The trees are all wrong, the food tastes like sod.

Texas, you have me all bemused.

Farmers in the City

by Kate

Mary left yesterday morning, and I miss her.

She is headed home to make coffee for Peter Drake and pick berries and ride her horse across the ridge. Early autumn is one of the best times to do that. I know she has had more than enough of city life right now. There are just so many people and so much many buildings here.

I did take her to the farmer’s market to make her feel more at home.



Pittsburgh is full of farmer’s markets. This one is an all local and organic market held every Saturday morning at an old firehouse in the famous Strip District.

The market was full of beauty and good bread.

I love this picture- it seems to sum up the urban farmer’s market experience.

The only problem is that when I go to the farmer’s market, I start to miss my North Carolina farmers and the time I spent taking pictures at markets for the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. Luckily the city is a great place to feel melancholy in a stylish manner.

There are also street musicians eager to serenade your troubles away. The baby loved this man. She insisted on climbing out of the sling and dancing on the street.

I miss my sister, but I am eager to hear about her upcoming adventures on the farm and out in the world. I also have a few more pictures to share with you from our urban wanderings. Till then, you will just have to imagine this man playing Twinkle Twinkle little star and my baby stomping and twirling on the street.