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Grocery Girl

by Colleen


This past summer I was lucky enough to land a job at the People’s Food Co-op in nearby La Crosse, WI, due to the the fact that I am what they call there a “Co-op Baby”.  Sweet Ridge Farm has sold produce on and off to this organic food store for years, and apparently the management has watched me and my siblings grow from toddlers to teens, wending our way through aisles of dried fruit and organic cereals, eating their legendary malted milk balls straight from the bag, and taking more than our fair share of the many free samples of chips and dips they offer in the deli section.  If there is free food anywhere within 30 miles, the Slattery children will find it.

In any case, they noticed my last name on my application, and I was in.  I spent this past summer working part time as a grocery girl, stocking the shelves with an assortment of odd goods, such as seaweed snacks and hemp milk, and chatting with the only other girl in the department, Natalya, from Russia.  When I came back home for break, they immediately offered my job back to me.  Unfortunately, my days of gossip with Natalya are gone, as she has now returned to Russia, and I have now taken the role of Only Girl in the Grocery and Produce Department.  It’s not so bad, really.  Growing up with 5 brothers has made me quite comfortable with guys, and in most cases I actually prefer it.  So now I mostly spend my days talking about Russian literature to my boss, Ed, and directing people to the chia seeds (aisle 2, on the top right).

But what really lights up my day is a visit from the sisters.  Clare and Mary decided to pop in the other day and document my job.  Mary was particularly interested in our wine selection…


Knowing absolutely nothing about our wine, I immediately suggested a French one.  You can’t go wrong with French wine, non?


Needless to say, Mary did not take my suggestion   Some people just have no taste (or lack an obsession with French things).  But Mary and I do share some things in common.  While she dreams of bikinis, sunshine, and flowers, I dream of the green fields of France and baguettes and berets.  So, don’t be disturbed if you wander into the People’s Food Co-op to buy some dried aduki beans and hear the shelf stocker muttering to herself  in French-it’s just a harmless, dreaming grocery girl.

A Dream and a Plea

By Colleen

The world is vast.  Even I could tell that as a young child, staring out into the valley behind my home.  I would wonder at the facts that I had been told: that the world is so much larger and more varied and fantastic than that tiny green valley, that there are millions of people out there, with different faces and languages.  This inspired in me a great desire to travel, experience the world, and see if what I had been told really was true.  That desire has stayed with me, and now I have the opportunity to actually live out my dream through the University of Dallas’ Rome Program.

Why Rome, one might ask?  While Italy may not seem to be an English major’s first choice of place to study abroad, I know that it truly is important for my education. I want to challenge myself. I also really desire to gain a larger world perspective.  Having never left the country, I feel very close-minded and ignorant of other countries and cultures-I want that to change.  I have so many questions to ask the world!  How do other cultures view Americans?  And how do I view them, or rather, how should I view them?  There is so much to be learned from other cultures and the vast, vast number of people on this earth; how can I begin to understand them?  Well, I’m planning on starting by going to Italy. The University of Dallas is a liberal arts school, and the texts read here are completely steeped in the Western tradition. During the Rome semester, I will be able to visit the places in which many of these authors lived and wrote about.  To not only be able to read and comprehend these texts, but to be able to actually be physically present in the environment in which they were conceived will be amazing.  In Rome, I will be studying the ancient Greek comedies and tragedies, reading Antigone and Oedipus Rex in the theater in Epidauros where they were performed, reciting the lines of the Orestae on the site of Agamememnon’s palace in Mycenae.

The University of Dallas’ Rome Program is a full semester long, focused on learning the truths of the tradition of the Western world.  Daily, I will be immersed in Italian history and culture, as I study the great works of art and literature surrounding me.  I will be able to read about Michelangelo and then go out and see exactly what I just learned about.  Also, as a Catholic university, it is essential that the program is located in Rome, the epicenter of the Catholic world.  This nearness to the church is another, personal, reason that I have chosen the Rome Program.  As a strong Roman Catholic, it will be life changing to be so close to the center of the Church.  My personal faith life is sure to deepen, and I know that I will grow as a person.  Being surrounded by the awesome beauty and the sanctity of the basilicas and shrines that populate Rome cannot go without a personal effect.  In Rome I will be given a clear picture of the Catholic Church in its very essence, and I will be able to truly embrace my faith.

Italy is very far away from my home on a small organic vegetable farm in western Wisconsin.  The step to leave the area and go to a school a thousand miles away in Texas was large enough and almost impossible.  I am the seventh of nine children, and money has never been abundant in our home.  My father is a small-scale organic farmer and does his best with our small acreage.  My mother works as a substitute teacher at the local schools. Their combined income does not do much against the rising costs of living, and just recently my grandmother moved in with us.  It’s a happy life, but one can never be sure if the phone bill will be paid on time.  Luckily, I have been instilled with a strong work ethic, and I worked hard throughout high school.  I graduated from my small public school as the salutatorian of my class, and I scored well on my ACT exam.  These two factors are the only reasons that I am able to attend the University of Dallas.  I could never afford to go here otherwise.  The Pell Grant that I receive from the government is a huge help as well, but with the added costs of the Rome Program, there is no way I can cover all the expenses next semester.  My parents are not able to help me pay for college at all, and I have been working all throughout this year in addition to school to pay my own tuition.  Even if I work a job all summer, it will be well nigh impossible for me to get to Rome without help.

And so, I end this with a plea.  Please help me get to Rome.  I will not only be fulfilling a little girl’s dream, I will be furthering my education and the formation of myself.  I will be more equipped to handle to world with a global view, not stuck in the small bubble of localism.  I want to know the world and understand what lies beyond that small green valley- and to share what I learn with the readers of this blog.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact me at colleen.r.s@hotmail.com

Thank you so much, Colleen

Writer’s Block Conquered and Wishful Thinking

Before a few days ago, I had written startlingly little poetry this summer. The heat must have made me slow to put pen to paper, but I finally came up with something that I didn’t detest the look of one the page. It’s not that I haven’t had thoughts or ideas to write on, it’s just that I’d yet to lug out my poetry book from the recesses of my bedside table. Dog days of summer indeed.

But, I’m over that month of writer’s block. And here is the result:

Dreaming Traveler

Postcards and maps on the wall-

Places that she longs to go.

She sleeps beneath ancient Rome,

surrounded by the streets of Paris, inked in pale blues and pink.

Barcelona, Firenze, Greece, Ukraine,

places to go crowd her brain.

The world is so big, she so small

Maps gaze upon her sleeping face, beckoning from her wall.

“Come see the world.”

It’s true; maps do line my walls. I’ve acquired them from friends, family, and even ripped them out of textbbooks in the case of the map of ancient Rome.

First off, there is one of my beloved maps of Paris, the place that I want most to go.  Although, I’ve recently given up on my dream of living there.  I just finished a book called, “The Sweet Life in Paris” by David Lebovitz in which Parisiens were portrayed as a bit….self-involved.  I would much rather live in the French countryside.

This postcard was sent to me by my friend, Jubilee, as she was traveling Europe in May, and is one of my favorites.

But, with a name as Irish as Colleen Slattery, I cannot and will not ever abandon my Irish roots.  After France, Ireland is my top choice for traveling abroad.

Although France and Ireland are my dream places to go, Italy is the one country in Europe that I have the most chance to go.  The University of Dallas (the college I will be attending this fall) includes a semester abroad on their campus 10 miles outside of Rome during the sophomore year.  So, perhaps one of my traveling dreams will come true.

I will travel the world some day.  And you can bet that I’ll take all of you along with me, through verse and photography (even if Clare has all the talent when it comes to pictures!)