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Cookies, Cousins, and Crockery

by Kate

Caught up in the chaos of Christmas, we have entirely abandoned this blog, and our Christmas narrative. I offer my fulsome apologies, and plead illness. Shortly after the untimely demise of Mary’s beloved dog, we were beset with sickness. The baby got croup, the cousins had pink-eye, Mary was knocked out for days with a wicked case of bronchitis, and I was cursed with a ferocious and nasty case of canker sores. Horrid, wretched canker sores. I shake my fists to the heavens and defy them. It has been nothing but broth and mumbling for me for a week. I am just stumbling my way back to some semblance of normality here in the big city. However, let me take you back a week or so to a remote ridgetop in the driftless region of Western Wisconsin, deep in Amish Country…..

where we visited my sister-in-law Aurora, my brother Gabe, and their four children. Olympia was thrilled to spend time with her cousins. I was glad to have the chance to visit with Aurora, and to marvel over the incredible skill she has for decorating her home and creating beauty in her life.

Gabe and Aurora designed the house together, and Gabe built the whole thing- with the help of his brothers. He built the island in the middle of the kitchen as well. Aurora did an incredible job designing and decorating the house. Their home is very remote, and very beautiful. Olympia loved it.

We visited Gabe and Aurora on the night of the Cashton Christmas Pageant. The older cousins were getting ready to perform, and Aurora was making chocolate chip cookies for the reception in the Community Hall.

The cousins were eager to assist.

Perhaps a bit too eager.

In fact, definitely too eager.

You may not be surprised to learn that shortly after this picture was taken, the wooden bench went flying, toddlers and all. Aurora’s vintage crockery baking bowl hurled through the air. The small children landed safely in a startled heap but the bowl shattered, ruining the last portion of the cookie dough.

We wiped up the tears and tossed the dough. Thankfully, there were plenty of chocolate chip cookies ready to take to the Pageant. The cookie making was quite a bit like the whole Christmas for me, in fact. Some shards of glass in the dough, some tears and a broken bowl- but in the long run, a beautiful memory, with lots of chocolate chip cookies for everyone- except me. Stupid canker sores.