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Laundry Basket Lambs


For over a year now, I have been working towards getting sheep. I have read up a lot on them and recently found a lady who lives about 30 minutes from here who has some lambs available. Her name is Brenda Jenson and she is a super amazing woman. Brenda owns about 300 sheep that she uses for milk production. After her husband started in on a mid-life crisis, she went ahead and started her operation which includes an on farm creamery and processing plant. The milk from her sheep is used to make sheep cheese. She makes 6 varieties of cheese that she both markets locally and ships. I have hit the tail end of the lambing season, so when one of the supposed dud ewes has a lamb, Brenda calls me to come pick it up. I take a laundry basket over to her place and ask Brenda a ton of questions. We talk and talk and I wish that I could stay for hours.

So far, I have had success with taking care of my little flock. I am raising the sheep for profit (or so I think…), so I am trying to not get to attached to them. Actually, that is why I choose to get into sheep instead of goats. My business plan for the future is to market them for meat to this Muslim connection that my Dad has. The Muslims will come out, butcher the sheep while facing towards the east, pay cash, end of story. My problem is that I am not so comfortable with Muslim Men….and the sheep are really soft and sweet, a little dim, but really that doesn’t matter so much. To prepare for his vocation I have named my Ram, Ramburger. But I have started to call his Rambo……and I think that perhaps, I could just umm, market his beautiful wool?!?

For the time being, all I know is that I am enjoying my new laundry basket lambs. I love taking my basket and going to Brenda’s farm farm for a sheep shopping binge. The lambs are easy to feed and in good health. I don’t ever have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed them their replacer. The best thing of all about my little shepherdess adventure is that those sweet sweet little sheep make LAUGH!