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Fried Green Tomatoes

by Mary

My best friend and sister-in-law, Aurora Slattery and I have quite the habit of trying to figure this universe out. To date, about as far as we have gotten in the realm of figuring out deep universal mysteries and problems is:

Red tomatoes are good.

And fried green tomatoes are better.

Ok, I know that is not so deep, but oh, is it ever delicious! A few years ago I came across the recipe that I am about to share with you, and got Aurora hooked on this late summer to early fall global solution. My bossy eldest sister Kate has been wanting to incorporate more recipes into this blog, so I hope some of you may find this particular one to be of interest.

For this recipe you will need: 3 medium green tomatoes, 1/2 Cup of Flour, 1/4 Cup of Milk, 2 Beaten Eggs, 2/3 a Cup of Cornmeal, 1 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon Pepper. An ample amount of oil, grease or butter to fry tomatoes in.

Cut tomatoes in thin rounds.

Mix tomatoes in a bowl with salt and pepper. Let sit for 15 minutes or so.

Put way too much awful/wonderful butter, bacon grease or oil into a skillet. Set heat to medium.

Eat, forget about solving the worlds problems, and enjoy!