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Petticoat Junction

by Kate

Late June is a beautiful time for a barn dance in Wisconsin. Last Saturday evening, the barn was scrubbed clean and hung with lights, and the Slattery girls were wearing flowers in their hair…


and beat up cowboy boots on their feet.

Who wears spurs at a square dance, you ask? Well, that would be Mary Brigid. She is a bit prickly every now and then. She’s also the only equestrian Slattery, so the only one of us who owns a pair. Here she is with her beloved Bub.

Nicole and Rob were there, glowing with newlywed bliss.

Rob looked particularly sharp with his bolo tie and big Texas belt buckle.

And Nicole’s white sundress was a perfect bridal barndance combo. Here she is with our neice Adeleine, beneath the towering lilacs on the path to my parent’s big white farmhouse.

Our sister in law Aurora looked gorgeous, as usual. She is the master of pulling together striking and exotic prints and bold jewelry.

It wasn’t just the girls getting gussied up. Even our brother Pat (author of the infamous Parody Post) threw on a cowboy hat and was ready to come out swing….. dancing.

We even managed to get all four Slattery sisters and our two beautiful sister in laws together for 20 seconds- long enough for one big barn door portrait.

And at about that time the rather extraordinary square dance caller from Hawkeye, Iowa showed up and the next part of the story unfolded. It’s quite a tale. Come on back and hear all about it!

Flying Tin Foil

(Kate’s Note- Pictures of the whirlwind of preparation and barn dance festivities coming soon.)

by Mary

To prepare for the barn dance, I have been mixing large quantities of sugar and butter, along with whatever else specific recipes call for. Generally, baking doesn’t bother me. It is something that I can do for others. With a bit of organization in advance, it’s not a big deal to bake and freeze large quantities of food. (This month I have baked for four events.)

Anyhow, Patrick caught me in a sour mood the other day as he advanced towards fresh loaves of banana bread with a butcher knife in his hand. Despite me body blocking him, he helped himself to a generous slice of the warm banana bread. I handled this situation by hurling a roll of tin foil at his head and hissing ” you really think that I can multiply loaves?”

In part, my frustration was from last weeks episode with Raphael and James taking frozen baking out of the freezer. They felt that it was fine to help themselves and “share” with the rest of the family. Poor Peter Drake almost broke a tooth after he innocently discovered a bucket of frozen cookies on the counter. I hear the stream of cuss words that he emitted after taking a bit of the rock hard desert, outdid my venom towards Patrick.

Now that I am done with baking and hurling tin foil, I am starting to look forward to Saturday. I actually will be spending all day out at the Devil’s Hole Ranch, where I will be helping flip calves and maybe give shots at their annual Round Up. When I get home though, I will likely enjoy some food and drink, and make sure Patrick gets as much banana bread as he pleases.

Full to the Brim

by Colleen

The Slattery household is a crazy place in the summer. Without fail. So, it was incredibly foolish of me to think that this summer would be different, would be perhaps, quieter? Not that I liked the thought of the house filled with less than 14 people a night, but a change of scenery seemed to be in place for this summer. With only Raphael coming home from college and Robert moved out to an apartment in near by St. Joseph’s Ridge, the house held a disappointingly small amount of people for the first couple weeks of June: only 9! Oh, how quickly things change…

Patrick soon announced that he would be moving back home to work construction for a month, and he was bringing friends! So, two brothers from the hot, hot sun of Arizona were transplanted to Middle Ridge, Wisconsin (and soon set to work transplanting for my father). The population of the house was up once again, and the noise levels rose exponentially. The males of the household particularly enjoyed the boost in the amount of testosterone and soon set to participating in that time-honored Slattery tradition of wrestling on furniture.

Soon, the Arizona boys took their leave, after having probably lost three-fourths of their tans and most likely with colds.

Never fear, more people will appear! This phrase should be the anthem of the Slattery household during the summer months. After the departure of the Arizona boys, Kate arrived with the darling Olympia in tow for Robert and Nicole’s barn dance in celebration of their recent marriage. The dance is but a day away, and preparations are in full swing. Kate’s husband, Casey, is set to drive in today, as well as our cousin, Cale, who will be staying on for a month. His girlfriend is coming as well and staying for the weekend.

Our indefatigable cousin, Christopher, is staying in the house for the big weekend bash, and is most likely going to try to rope me into running with him as he bikes an insane distance, cerebral palsy or not.   And another cousin is attempting to join the fray, Greg.  He may be staying with us through Sunday as well.

And, last but certainly not least is the awesome news that I now have a roommate! My best friend, Jubilee, will be rooming with me for the rest of the summer, thus adding a new element to the general chaos that is the Slattery home in the summer.

I predict that I will start tripping over bodies on my way to the bathroom in the morning, and the predicted wait time to actually enter the bathroom will be about 10.3 minutes (and that’s if you are in the FRONT of the line).

So, my premature predictions of a quiet, empty-house summer quite obviously were wrong. And oh, how glad I am! The house is full to the brim, and so am I (with happiness).