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Sweet Fall Memories

By Nicole

The fall is my favorite season and every time the leaves start to change and the Slattery’s start harvesting squash, my heart beams. My mind will always wander back to two falls ago when Rob asked me to marry him.

Once upon a time…

Image Squash season was in full bloom. The Slattery clan was hard at work with the harvest and I was an honorary team member.



Colleen, looking fabulous


and then me… awaiting instruction… wasn’t even sure what a squash looked like before this…

I didn’t know that this was probably Rob testing my ability to get my hands dirty and work with his family because the next day came the big question…

He woke me up at five thirty in the morning for our breakfast sunrise date. I didn’t know what was going on or where we were going but I did know that this guy was not a morning person and he was dressed and smelled like cologne before six am so something was up….

He took me to a cabin in the country where he set up a breakfast complete with yogurt and granola for me and shrimp cocktail for himself ( YUUUUCK )


step one – roses …yellow are my favorite


step two – the beautiful ring


Step three – Victory pose


yes, yes most definitely – yes.

So my favorite season will now always take me back to one of my most cherished memories. The day was almost flawless… except for the part where I may or may not have forgotten to say yes before I snatched the ring. I guess Rob wanted to put it on my hand… Whoops.


yes, always and forever – yes.

The Heroic Brother-in-law and the 24-Hour Urine Sample.

By Nicole

Sometimes there are things in life that are so incredibly embarrassing that you are obligated to tell people so they can share in your laughter. As Kate said earlier, I am on bed rest to prevent my impatient child from emerging early.

I am being monitored for pre-eclampsia, which is an issue affecting your blood pressure and possibly causing premature birth. Last Friday, my wonderful family was in and out all day bringing me lots of movies, books, and some stunning yellow tulips. Cale came over to make me a fancy tuna sandwich (complete with a garnish and everything!) and everyone was graciously keeping me entertained. During my bed rest sentence I was instructed to provide my mid-wife with a 24 hour urine sample. The nurse handed me a neon orange plastic container and said “Good luck”. Much to my humiliation, I agreed to comply.

All was going well and my 24 hour orange project was about over when I started to have some pretty aggravating chest pain. I called the clinic expecting them to tell me not to worry and was instructed to go straight to the ER. Great. With Rob at work, the only available chauffeur just so happened to be the Sweet Ridge boy himself, my brother in law Pat Slattery.

I grabbed my jug of shame, tried to keep calm and off we went. Pat may have been concerned but was masking this in sarcasm, jokes and taking the long way to the ER, by accident. Upon arrival, I was admitted immediately and Pat was given the task of intercepting calls from my Husband. Meanwhile, Rob was slightly alarmed because when he asked if I was alright Pat responded with “Well, she’s talking.” Pat walked with me up to labor and delivery where they gave me a gown and a room. I could tell that all the nurses were assuming this was my husband and I could just see them studying his odd behavior as he was completely disengaged with his nose in a book and only offering a sarcastic comment every now and then.

We reached the room and I realized that my neon jug of embarrassment was still in the car and poor Patrick had to retrieve this for me. While he was gone I gave all the nurses a SERIOUS pep talk about that man not being my husband and my back less hospital gown. I informed them that if they were not careful and modest with this issue in front of my dear brother in law, he and I and our family would never recover. I am more likely to sue for the trauma of embarrassment than any other malpractice issue.
Thankfully, Rob showed up and my poor brother in law was released of his duties. All of my tests came back normal though my blood pressure is still too high and my bed rest continues. Thank you Patrick, I appreciate your assistance and your calmness when I really needed it. Thank you to my sweet, loving family for your visits, tuna and flowers. Lastly, thank you to my sweet, sweet husband for getting up with me in the middle of the night, making dinner and for waiting on me hand and foot, you are the best. There is a light at the end of this tunnel- only 4 ½ weeks till D day!


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It’s Okay to Not Know Everything

It’s Okay To Not Know Everything.

By Nicole

Lately, all of these recent changes have brought me to a reflective state.  There are so many questions in my head and mild frustrations as I make this new world my home: “What am I called to do in this new chapter of my life? Why is my family eight hundred miles away?  Why can’t I navigate this new place? Why do all of these landmarkers have to look alike? How did this meal turn black?” In summary, I have been experiencing a few growing pains as I ajust. However, I have found peace amongst the questions.  I have peace in the knowing that it’s okay to NOT know all the answers. It’s okay to get lost on these county roads; might as well enjoy the view. It’s okay to burn a meal once in a while, Rob will eat (almost) anything. It’s okay if some days all I accomplish is daily mass, a cup of coffee with Grandma, one job application and a tennis match with the girls. It’s okay to not have an employer right this second, a decent job is bound to turn up. My current state of life is one of learning. Everything is new and requires some investigation on my part. It’s all bound to work itself out. With this knowledge and new resolution to not worry, all of my reflections have turned to thoughts of thanksgiving. I have many things to be thankful for. I’ll show you a few…

Though my family is far away,  I now have a beautiful, new bunch of sisters.

My relationship with my actual sister is even stronger these days. Possibly due to the fact that I am not in Oklahoma.

I am blessed with dear friends. Even though most of them are states away from me now. Except Mary, I am very thankful you are near.

In addition to my good looking friends, back in Oklahoma I have a wonderful family that I love and miss. They are an excellent support system even from eight hundred miles away.

I suppose you could say that I am pretty thankful for this guy too. He has been my host, my GPS, my roomate and a very gracious consumer of my meals.

Lastly, I am thankful for my youth and happy to admit… I am okay with not having life all figured …just yet.

Dazed By The Ridge – The Newest Sweet Ridge Sister

By Nicole

I am the newest addition to the Slattery clan. You have probably read a little about my wedding/the biggest change of my entire existence.  I am a product of the suburbs outside of Oklahoma City but now, to my surprise, I am living in St. Joseph’s Ridge, WI. To put it simply, this is a different world to me.  For most people getting married is a huge adjustment but for Kate and me it comes with more than just a husband and all new responsibilities. As my sister-in-law and I changed our last names we were uprooted from all things familiar. I hope you don’t mind me speaking for you Kate but our parallel lives are ironic to me. Kate- an independent, spirited country girl and Nicole- a content personality planning to always live close to the city and home, both realizing God had other plans
for us. The two of us essentially switched places, giving us a common ground on two different planes.  Kate now lives in the busy city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I am living in the scenic countryside of Wisconsin.

Though my life change was not foreseen, I am adjusting quite well to my new setting. Every time I get in the car I have to marvel at the landscape (and the fact that I only see another car every two or three minutes.)

Hello new life.

Hello new life.

Besides the occasional bout of homesickness, I am enjoying this new life of mine.  As I transition into a country girl I have gotten to experience lots of new things. Thus far, I have assisted in roofing a house, I have weeded cilantro with my beautiful new sisters,  I have begun to crave organic produce such as asparagus, I helped with a community barn demolition project,  I have taken up tennis, I have assumed the duties of Ascension Builders LLC’s secretary and I am learning to cook!  Sometimes I find myself dumbfounded by the ridge and the fact that I now call it home but I am on an extended adventure. I love my husband and he feels like “home;” my surroundings are slowly beginning to feel like” home” too.


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