Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fall Colors

By Mary

The beauty of colors is a bold sight to behold. It’s a true gift of joy to notice how colors encompass so much and are in constant transition. Now that it’s October the colors here in Wisconsin have changed. In June I would wake up in a stream of pale and beautiful early morning sunlight, Now when I open my eyes I see black or gray. On some days of fall I feel like the sunlight in the evening seems dim, on others it seems amber. My sister-in-law Nicole came upon amber sunlight and captured it with her camera in a valley out at the ranch.


Nicole always seems to find breathtaking beauty with her camera. The other day I came back in from picking raspberries and she was out in the yard with her boys and camera. She managed to capture some of the last blooms of fall out by the picket fence in the garden.


Another great shot Nicole got was from the fall roundup a few weeks back at the ranch. It was a busy weekend but by the end of the day all the horses got to get turned out and their halters were left at the gate to catch them for another day of work the next morning.


To see more of Nicole’s amazing work (or to book her for a family portrait, because she is amazing at them!) click here.

While Cale and I are not nearly as photogenic as the rest of Nicole’s great shots, here is a picture of us post round-up. The two of us cousins are 11 months apart and both celebrate our birthdays in the autumn.


One of my very favorite colors of autumn comes from the sharp red flower pods of chinese lantern flowers I cut and dry before selling in bundles. They have such a intense color and when their pods turn from orange to red, I know fall is here.

FullSizeRender (1)

Raspberries are also one of my very favorite things/ colors of fall. The ones I grow are called Autumn Bliss and they certainly do live up to their name.


I like the leaves too that fall that with reckless abandon. They are the polar opposite of a spring shower but they have a similar way of cascading about.


Come sprin, the leaves will get raked up upon muddy ground. But for now they can blow about. After all it’s fall and they world is full of new kinds of color and autumn excitement. Keep warm everybody and happy fall!