Weathering Storms with Family

By Mary

Yesterday I took home a pair of overalls that had been left on my sister-in-laws clothesline for about a solid week. Perhaps it’s a good thing that they had so long to dry. After all, they had been drenched in a spring hailstorm that touched down one morning while Patrick, Gabriel, Aurora and I were out looking for new calves and trying to move a group of cattle.


That particular morning I spent a lot of time with my head down because the rain wouldn’t stop pelting my neck and face, and I didn’t have a hat on to block it. However, glancing forward I was able to see the silhouettes of two of my brothers looking rather comical in long rain slickers as well as my sister in law Aurora who is still out riding and working cattle while six months pregnant. I was jolted out of my discomfort at the sight of the three of them in the harsh spring rain working alongside each other. It’s good to be able to collaborate with siblings to tackle jobs and life.


The sight of them reminded me of something I haven’t spent enough time being grateful for. It’s a wonderful gift that grown siblings choose to still stay involved in each others lives. That spring moment in the rain, I knew all sorts of funny idiosyncrasies that each of the people I was working with exhibit because all of us have spent so much time together as siblings and more or less, as closest friends. Do we fight? Yes! And sometimes often, but when push comes to shove, each of us has one anothers back. With the rolling black sky up above me, and my nervous horse who was skittish due to the storm underneath me, I knew that the morning rainstorms would let up and that within hours I would be dry and able to get on the road. The van I was driving that day was my brother Robert’s because he was borrowing my car to drive to for a family wedding. We decided my car was a better option because his family van has been having some issues which I can attest after my hand got burned from getting shocked while trying to jump-start it in the pounding rain late the night before. That day I knew that Robert would probably be busy with his family and in-laws in Moore, Oklahoma, but he also would probably be calling me to remind me that I had to get my taxes in because he knows how I am about filing taxes and my total horror of having to do them by myself. Due to this and the nearing tax deadline date I was getting reminders and encouragement that I needed in order to file by the 15th.

This support system is in a way how we operate frequently. What one sibling cannot do, another can. It’s a useful way to live and also a rich one. For that I am grateful! I was especially grateful that cold Thursday morning to end up at a friend’s cabin leaving a pool of rainwater on her floor and having Patrick arrange for a trailer to come pick us and our horses up.


Life has many storms, but in the end they always let up and no matter how difficult they may be, family is always there help weather them.


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