Every Day is Halloween

By Mary

A man gave me free roses today. He told me to take as many white roses that had been sprayed with either a black or orange mist in lieu of the days celebration as I liked.

I picked the best roses that I could scrounge from the bucket and took them back to Kate’s so that they could add a cheery orange and white cast of color to her dining room.

Coming back to my sister’s house with the flowers in hand I reflected on how today is Halloween and why I was not feeling very attached to the holiday. It might be because I am not at home so I don’t really have my typical Halloween costume which can fluxuate between re-using one of my many bridesmaids dresses, or wearing my normal clothes and double H cowboy boots. That’s right, I am one redundant costumer. Either a cowgirl or a princess seems to be my typical go to.


Halloween attire aside, I think the real reason that I feel so very uninvolved in today’s frenzy is that for the last two weeks I have been with my sister, Kate in Pittsburgh. Life with Kate transcends into every day being Halloween. In all my life, I have only known one person who loves dressing up more than Kate. The other week Kate, our friend Maqui and I stopped at a Goodwill. I ended up snapping some pictures that illustrate my point.


This black gown was not purchased to be worn on October 31st. No, it’s just another dress that Kate with pull out of her closet on a random day for a harp gig or to galavant somewhere in with some theatrical purpose.

While this blue 80’s number did not make the purchasing cut, my sister was drawn to it for a reason that I have yet to understand.


Shopping makes me weary. The bonus of doing so with a sister is that I don’t have to with hold pretending how I feel.


Fortunately, Kate did take the hint and after I left to retreat to her van she checked out a few other items of interest.


By the end of the shopping trip, Kate did come out of the store victorious with a few black garbage bags of well….’Kate’ stuff, you know, costuming, or um, everyday Kate clothing. I am sure none of it will be on display today. But just wait a day or two and my sister might just be sporting it.

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