Porch Time

By: Mary

Yesterday morning in the grayness of early autumn morning light I sent my horse back to my oldest brother’s ranch. A friend had lent me some gates, so those also got loaded and returned in the stock trailer that delivered Mars to his band of mares. To top off the process of fall packing, I dug up my dinnerplate dahlias bulbs before actually getting stuff together to come on the train to see Kate.

It’s been 24 hours since I left the comfort of the quiet ridgetop that I call home. As I write I can hear the noises of the busy city that Kate calls home. Life here is so different than the one that I know of. However, one universal thing that Kate and I share in the midst of our polar opposite environments is porch time. The two of us are well known for being able to sit on our porches late into the night.

Kate’s porch is very different than mine.


Usually my porch is littered with siblings. Namely, my one and only redhead sister, Clare.


Bright fire might just be inspired by this bright haired girl, or perhaps this fire started as a result of a failed attempt to roast marshmallows over a blazing fire of old furniture.


Flowers, always flowers can be found in my surroundings.


Kids and flowers seem to go together pretty well on the porch

3 years old!

And in the past days of summer, often a sibling attempting to rid the world of rabbits.


Though Kate and my porches may be different, our roots are very much the same. It’s good to be with my sister in this big city, and I look forward to sitting on her porch talking late into the night.

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