Leinies, Leanie, and Me

By: Mary

This Saturday I got a 4am call from Colleen inquiring if I was up and ready. As a precursor to this call, Colleen had sent me a link to a half marathon way back in April. In April the idea to run the race with her was perfect. It was so perfect in fact, that I was enthused enough to envision myself going on long practice runs, and getting in ideal shape. The training didn’t happen because in reality, I love the idea of running better than actually doing so on a consistent basis, and I like working in the fields better than actually working out.

There is no flaking on Miss Colleen Rose Slattery, though, so the two of us set off in the dark for the two hour trip to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, for our half marathon. The trip did extend over the estimated time that mapquest gave us because we got lost (of course!). In an attempt to “pump” Colleen up for the race I put on great music. Who doesn’t like Johnny Cash at 4:30 in the morning?

Apparently, Colleen. Since she was not a fan of my music selection, I moved on to narrating an Amish romance novel that I was slipping through the other day. Nah, that didn’t amuse her either, even with great narration of steamy Amish courting drama.

My turn to get prickly was when we pulled into the parking lot of our destination and were surrounded by a mob of energetic runners who all seemed to be pumped (even without the help of Johnny Cash). The concept of running 13.1 miles was less than thrilling to me so I muttered, “Runners are such idiots”.  Colleen responded with, “No, they are positive people, Mary. And you ARE NOT a runner.”

With her positive peep she laced up her shoes


and put some positive thought into beasting her way through the race with the hope of achieving a PR.


Colleen did just that. She ran her best ever time of 1:42:16 and received 6th place overall. I made it to the finish line, too with a time of 1:53.


Because the race was sponsored by Leinenkugel’s which is some pretty fantastic Wisconsin beer, we took the time to stop by a Lienenkugel’s mural on the way out of town while still high on race endorphins.

This one is obviously in honor of Kate, our mural posing queen!


Here is documentation of me reloading on race carbs. Hooray for Leinies at 10 in the morning!


What is this picture documenting?

I would have to say, a beautiful RUNNER sister who is one heck of a runner and person.


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