Swimming in the City

by Kate

Here in Pittsburgh, it is hot, hazy, humid, and quite beautiful. In a city of three rivers, there is always a breeze if you know where to find it. There’s also a spectacular amount of water, including the great fountain at Point State Park which shoots a majestic 150 feet into the sky.

pittsburgh point state park fountain

Of course, I do admit that the beauty of a sweltering city is much easier to appreciate when you are immersed in water, and I’ve been trying to do so whenever possible.

mother daughter fountain spray park

June is a gorgeous month in Pittsburgh, and I’m happy to be here to experience it. I’m particularly happy because my sister, Clare is here. I am the eldest of the 9 children in our family, and Clare is the youngest. She is a delight to have around. We’ve been swimming every day, and I have been pondering the beauty of the classic black one piece. Definitely a must if you are in the midst of the childbearing years.

black one piece swimsuit

Incidentally I am afraid that picture is some sort of deep commentary on my approach to motherhood. In my defense I will state that my husband AND Clare were watching the children, so they were definitely safe. Also, I am a bit exhausted these days. Also, black one pieces! They are magic for mothers with small children! Wide brimmed hats are also useful, as they create a large shaded area for a babe in arms. However, I felt that the wide brimmed hat and one piece was just not chic…. enough, Time to add bright red lipstick! Et….. voila!

blck swimsuit red lipstick

Tres chic, as my francophile sister Colleen would hopefully say. The blinding white skin we Irish Slattery girls are blessed with is a particularly striking addition to this look. Speaking of the look, that red lipstick was quite tempting to Clare, who happens to have a black one piece as well.

clare the stunner

Dang it. She looked spectacular. Just like an old time movie star, in my opinion.

red lipstick black swimsuit

Why, oh why are the youngest children SO much smoother and more stylish than the ragged and haggard eldest who have gone before? I am going to go bitterly contemplate that… in my romper that I literally ordered from the front page of a catalog created expressly for very elderly women. Sigh. It is so hard to be the fashion forward, elderly sister.


3 thoughts on “Swimming in the City

  1. Jenna

    Kate, where oh where did you buy that black one-piece?? I have always wanted to wear one-pieces, but my waist is so darn long that they all pull too much.

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      Jenna, it was a Target suit, and it is awesomely long waisted! I have the same length waist as my husband, who is six five, it is basically insane. Short legs, long waist, same problem. I’ll try to find which this was and send it to you.


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