Hooligans and Shenanigans

By: Colleen


I was woken by the sound of voices, a group of boisterous male voices, outside my window.  I blearily groped around the windowsill next to my bed, searching for my cell phone to check the time.  3:30 am? What the heck? The voices grew louder.  “Okay guys, let’s keep this short and sweet.  Just verses one and three..,”  Promptly a chorus of male voices began to sing  the popular Irish tune, “Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?”  And true to form, they sang verses one and three.  The harmonizing and pure volume of the song informed me that this was no random group of college boys.  Theses were the Stillwater Hobos.

The University of Dallas is no ordinary place.  As a Catholic, liberal arts school, it is dominated by children from huge, Irish Catholic families.  Being one of nine from a family that is Irish to the hilt is nothing unique for me anymore.  And I am now only one out of at least three Colleens at the school.  In any case, the Irish heritage is much celebrated here, and especially through song.  Every Friday night, there is an open invitation to any and all to head out to the woods near campus for a rosary, campfire, and good ole Irish folk tunes.  From this tradition, a group of boys formed their own group, The Stillwater Hobos, and play on the streets of Ashville, NC all summer long.

And so, I found it hard to be annoyed as the boys belted out their two verses and ran off into the underbrush.  The campus security officers were hot in pursuit of the 3 am trouble-makers, and I smiled sleepily as I heard the scuffling and muffled shouts of “This way!” and “No! This way!”  They’re just carrying on an old tradition of Irish shenanigans   And I may not be out there, jumping in rosebushes and hiding from authorities   But there is a little part of me that will always want to.


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