Dressing Up

by Kate

Once upon a time I had a billowing red ball gown.

sophisticated city couch woman ballgown

And as I am a harpist, and Valentine’s Day is drawing near, just the other day I began to wonder where that billowing gown had gone.

The mystery was solved this morning, when my sister Mary sent me an email containing pictures from my niece Claire’s visit to the farm last weekend. Due to heavy snow, a planned ice skating outing turned into an afternoon of dress up with the everpresent collection of assorted evening gowns and bedraggled finery.

dress up farmhouse

Nature, or nurture? I’m not sure. I certainly wasn’t that poised when I was in second grade. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t that poised till I was about 27.

socialite sophisticate dress up

On that note, I have to wonder if Claire is actually studying my photos for tips…. or if I should start to study hers.

dress up

In any case, I’m clearly not going to get that gown back for Valentine’s Day.

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