Irene Gabrielle Slattery

By: Mary

An interview with my 4 year old nephew Thaddeus would go as such:

She’s cute.

I like her.

It’s okay, next time I can have a brother…!

The “She” Thaddeus is referring to is Irene Gabrielle Slattery who is the newest addition to Gabe and Aurora’s family as their 5th child, and fourth daughter. Yup, Thaddeus is pretty much stranded on one estrogen filled island, or ranch that is, in the midst of a family filled with sisters.


After the 2am-ish arrival of Irene Mom, Clare, and I took Claire and Adeline to meet their newest baby sister when school let out.


Oh my, is she ever one precious baby. But than again, aren’t they all?

Mom and baby were doing just fine.

Aurora enjoyed reading cards sent from Claire’s classmates that were mostly themed get well soon!


Of course Mom and I had a box to bring for Aurora and Irene.


Back in August I found a Beatrix Potter panel and the rest is history.


Ironically, the polka dote material came from Aurora who is always swapping stuff with me. Little did she know that paired with a pink scallop backing and panel, it created the perfect baby gift.


As always it’s special to welcome a new family member into the world. Congratulations Gabe and Aurora! May your daughter grow into a spirited and beautiful woman just like her mama, and may she have a character of strength and clarity like her father.

Welcome to the world newest niece, Irene Gabrielle:)

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