Train Travel

By Kate

I begun and ended my recent journey on trains.


Last week my family landed in the kind and frozen city of Minneapolis. Five strangers immediately offered friendly unsolicited advice and directed us to the light rail station, where my tall husband bent his knees a bit and purchased tickets.


We watched a train speed in and out of the station at lightning speed, and moved quickly to catch the next arrival.


That light rail sure is quick.


That train led to the next portion of our journey, which involved an exploration of the Mall of America, followed by a gorgeous winter wedding. After the wedding I headed home with the kids for a week of wood fires, wild siblings, sauerkraut making, and barn building on the snowy ridge. It was great to be home and I have many words and images to share with you from that time.

But now I am home again, in the city, and I am thinking about the train trip home. I made that trip wearing my late Grandmother’s absolutely fabulous coat, which features a huge fox fur collar.


Now, my grandmother not only made the best beer brats in the world (see this post for the recipe) she was also an incredibly stylish woman. I had never seen this coat before she died, but I fell in love with it the moment I set eyes on it.


This coat was made for train travel. In fact, I felt as though I was time traveling as well. There were only two tiny problems. The first was the fact that the fur blocked my peripheral vision, making it easy for me to knock my very small child over with my baggage now and then.


Thankfully my little traveling companion is pretty tough. The second problem is that there is something about that fox fur coat that just screams city to me. I can think of 1000 reasons to wear that here in Pittsburgh. In Middle Ridge? Sigh. Not so much. I’m afraid that coat might be a sign that l’m meant to be a city girl, at least for a while. So I’m glad the last train carried me smoothly home.

I love traveling and I love trains. I love both of my homes- the farm on this snowy ridge top and the brick house halfway up a steep ridge in the city of bridges.

2 thoughts on “Train Travel

  1. emaymusic

    Kate! I have to tell you – I love reading these posts. You and your sisters are all such talented writers and photographers, and very interesting people to boot!

    A far-flung idea, but if (any of) you would like to do a radio interview about the blog, it might be really interesting to the listeners of our program… The show being The Saturday Light Brigade (, a radio program for kids and families. We do interviews every Saturday in the 7 and 8 am hours, and often they promote something in the region, but we’re trying to get deeper into interesting events, people, and subjects as we move to a national level. Feel free to give me a call on my cell (412) 400 8263 or at work 412-586-6300 x6 if you want to talk more about it!

    Miss dancing with you. Do you take classes anywhere these days? Would love to run into you (and your fire-spinning husband and beautiful babies) sometime!

    All the best, emay

  2. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Your coat reminds me of a vintage fur-collared coat I found for my daughter about a year ago at a Faribault thrift shop. It had the label of a former Faribault department store. My daughter looked lovely in it, but says she does not wear it all that often, I think because of the fur.

    So glad you and your family had a welcoming experience in Minneapolis.


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