What (Not?) To Wear

By Kate

Last night l held my phone tightly and listened to my three sisters laughing together in a familiar faraway farmhouse bedroom full of tangled dresses, gilded high heels, and mismatched costume jewelry. The big wedding is coming up this weekend and they were trying on clothes. I was not there and have not seen their final selections, but I do know that none of them will be wearing this spectacular piece of thrift store elegance:


I know this because I received a text containing this picture and stating ” beware the linebacker clown. she WILL get the bouquet at Cale’s wedding.”

I still think that with very high heels I could have made that dress work, once upon a time when I was not nursing more or less constantly. I will go ahead and blame nursing for the fact that I bought a NEW dress for the wedding, after scouring thrift stores in vain for the perfect frock. I finally found one, at 50 percent off, with matching, towering, glittery heels.  The only thing missing was a roomful of sisters to swirl around and share it with while they ridiculed me.

Thank goodness for texts, and the fact that the wedding is this weekend and I will see them soon.

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