Pretty and Poised

By: Mary

Another family wedding is springing upon us and you all can bet that the celebration will be getting blog coverage from us Slattery girls. Family weddings are a pinnacle time of celebration, and is something of which the entire family looks forward to months in advance. Looking into the archive of this blog I realized that there has been a whole lot of sweet wedding posts hosting pictures of our enormous family in rapt happiness.

Well… it has been said many times by my father that we need to give an accurate projection of our lives, so perhaps I should confess that many pictures and sentences get culled. Do you have any clue how hard it for us to get a family photo that makes us all look semi functional? More difficult than even that is getting us all together in the same place at the same time. Typically there is always someone hissing for us to gather as they hunt the entire mass of us down while a crowd of us gather and complain while the missing persons are rounded up and herded in for a family photo. When Gabe and Aurora got married Patrick couldn’t be rounded up for a family picture because he was studying abroad in Rome. However, Kate just so happened to find a plywood reproduction of Michelangelo’s David that was used to represent Patrick in the pictures. Afterwards,  David ,also known as Patrick, was propped in a corner to view the reception festivities after duct taping a maple leaf to it for the sake of modesty in lieu of a fig leaf. We all thought it was a perfect representation of him – just without the sarcasm. But hey, the skin tone was the same shade as was the commanding presence in a mute lofty way, even if it was a few inches too tall.

gabe's wedding fam pic

Robert and Nicole’s wedding family photo goes straight to my heart. Claire was pretty exhausted after her duties of being a flower girl. BOOM! Too bad there were no more flowers to strew.

claire in the air

While Kate may be the dancer in the family, it’s Colleen who always gets down on the dance floor. The other night Colleen and I were laughing until we nearly cried at disastrous wedding photos and these two made us gasp from hysterical hollows.

colleen getting down

Colleen At Weddings

Clare is soon to be getting her driver’s license so it seems like  forever ago that she was the flower girl for Aurora’s wedding. She hates this awkward phase that she was going through.  I, as a big sister find it adorable. But she seems to like her new grownup, beautiful, red-headed look much better.

Clare, Gabe

While Clare was a flower girl for the first wedding of the family, I was the Maid of Honor. As you can see, my poise was… well, a bit off. Mom and Kate might just be submerged in a tense conversation on modesty while I am beaming and perhaps laughing over something of which most likely involved a horse story. Since I am the publisher of this post, and filled with pride, I will refrain from uploading a picture of me making a toast with my skirt covered in a large pattern of a beer stain. Yeah, I know. Smooth. Real smooth, and fortunately for me it’s documented rather vividly.

happy barmaid bridesmaid

Being  single can be rough….and Kate was feeling it at this wedding, when exhaustion and frustration hit her like a tornado at about 3 o’clock in the morning.

However, she was not aware of the tall, handsome Scottish- Mexican man with an outrageously hilarious sense of humor and a gentle nature in her near future.

beer is my life

But Lienkugels was there for the moment. Lot’s and lots of it as a matter of fact.

happy kate

And when the time did come for Kate to get hitched, our family photo turned out surprisingly well…


Perhaps it is because in all truth, Kate does happen to be the most willing to stand in front of the camera out of all of us.

It is a sure thing that this upcoming family wedding will be full of joy and excitement. Perhaps, I will be the one to take on the tradition Kate has set as a jovial mess. Undoubtably, there will be an outpouring of love, laughter and craziness, because this is a celebration that involves a lot of Slattery’s and Cummings. It will be a delight to gather and celebrate Cale and Katelyn’s union with my poised and pretty sisters!


And more importantly than that, it will be a delight to gain Katelyn as a family member.

Bring on the festivities. The only thing I can think of missing is the fig leafed image of Patrick. Being that he is here to represent in person, it will make for a less eccentric family photo. I can’t say that’s a bad thing!

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