By Mary

As a result of working with young children I find myself redundantly repeating “use your words” as a way to encourage kids to stop fighting and/or sobbing. It’s funny how that phrase applies to my own life. The other night I mused over the power of words while Colleen read her newest culmination of poetry to me. The words she strings together are richly beautiful. They mirror who she is  and how she sees life.


Words have always been an important thing to the Slattery family. Having a father who worked as a journalist for about 30 years, and a mother who majored in english really gave my siblings and myself a strong appreciation for reading and writing.


As an introvert I find that writing takes on a fluidity that cannot often times be expressed through language. This blog project has been a good way to use words. From Texas to Pittsburgh to Wisconsin, we sisters have considered it a privilege to share our words with you readers.



Our words to you are synonymous: Have a blessed and Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to come.

Thanks for reading our words,


The Slattery Sisters


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