Dawn at the Ranch

By Mary

One early morning I took these photos on the way to The Ranch as we like to call the great spread of land that my eldest brother, Gabe and his wife manage along with another brother (Patrick) who works for them. For sometime now, I have had an inkling to share some of the visual richness that captures my eye when crossing over county lines.


Of course when in Amish county it is a tricky thing to do seeing as taking photos is an offensive action. They consider it wrong to capture oneself in the form of a graven image. I must confess that I did feel guilty taking this photo of an Amish farm, but the result of the early morning silhouette did please me.


Cornstalks  are a fine sight at this time of the year. The Amish put great work into transforming their fields into a beautiful landscape. As an imaginative and quirky person, I have formed the opinion that this backdrop would make a fantastic scene for a CMT video. ranch3

Come on, really can’t you just picture a video full of county music stars and Amish folk frolicking in a picturesque autumnal field of artistically arranged cornstalks?!


This early morning photo shoot would have not seemed complete to me without stopping by this little cabin that overlooks a breathtaking valley.


The cabin is a natural attraction with rustic charm and an astounding view. My brother, Robert would certainly agree that it’s in a fine location….


For a marriage proposal that is. The cabin played host to be set as the scene of the crime, or proposal that is. Over 2 years ago, Robert proposed to his now wife, Nicole as the sun came up at this very spot.

A Sunrise proposal with roses and a sparkling diamond ring is a lovely thing, but a much more realistic sighting on the ranch in the early morning is that of cows. Yes, I know slightly less romantic, but much more economical.

cattle ranch wisconsin

Now that I have shared some of the early morning sights in rural Wisconsin, reveled a fantastic spot for a marriage proposal, perhaps offended some Amish family by taking a photo of their farm, and shared insight on scenes for a strange CMT video, it’s time for this blogger to publish this post.

Until next time,


p.s. if you’re still interested in hearing more about that marriage proposal, you can read about it here:

Our Red Dirt Royal Wedding

Dazed by the Ridge- The Newest Sweet Ridge Sister

2 thoughts on “Dawn at the Ranch

  1. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    My husband and I traveled through the Sweet Ridge area and Amish country a year ago August and found the region stunningly beautiful. However, I was a bit worried about becoming lost on those winding gravel roads that seemed to take us deeper and deeper into the middle of nowhere. One wrong turn and we would have been hopelessly lost.

    Just, FYI, I photographed several Amish farms and gasp, even some Amish from a distance.


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