18 Going On 8: James, My Baby Brother

By: Mary

The other day I was attempting to get James to come with me for a haircut at a Salon in Lacrosse. ” I can’t go with you Mare, I’m a man” was his response. My response was ” No, you are not, you are my Baby Brother.” I am quite certain of this fact. However I do tend to forget that James is 18 now. What I remember more than his age is that he still can’t fry a pancake (but he has finally mastered buttering his own toast!). In a family as big as ours the birth order of each child really molds them permanently as the family grownups, middle children, and the babies. James is the 8th child and youngest boy.

To me he’s still one of the babies. Maybe that’s why I cut him slack even with his slightly marred track record of crashing my car, ruining my computer and lighting my hair on fire all in a years time. He’s not a bad kid at all. The mohawk he usually has in the summer time doesn’t really go with his persona. But it’s something that he does every year once school lets out. I must say, it’s quite becoming on him.

Recently James came home from school and informed me that he was voted best dressed for his high school senior class. This confused me because I am well accustomed to his home version of clothing that can range from trying a scarf on his head to raid a nest of bees like he did the other night, or wandering around doing field work with barefoot with an Amish hat on his head, or spending time outside in a most peculiar state such as this.

Don’t worry, the kid cleans up well. He doesn’t actually tend to wander about in capes. I think the general majority vote from his senior class would agree.

Although James is the shortest of the boys, he’s just as scrappy of a basketball player as any ot the rest of his brothers.

This is his last year of high school basketball and we are all rooting for him (even if his team doesn’t win a game all season which is highly probable).

In May he will graduate from Cashton high school. Maybe than I will start to believe that he’s not my baby brother anymore. What he will choose to do thereafter is still a mystery. Regardless of what he does and where he goes, I am positive that he will achieve great things that far surpass mastering frying his own pancakes and being the best dressed baby brother in the district.

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