On The Road Again

By: Mary

It’s a strange coincidence, but every three years or so at this time of year, I’ve made completely unconnected trips to Kansas City.

The first time was to ride in a horse show, and the last time was for the wedding of my friend, Sarah. The trip to KC is to spend a few days with Erica before she exchanges vows with her fiancee, Ryan, on Saturday.

I’m thrilled to be able to spend most of the week with Erica and Ryan, and I wouldn’t miss the wedding for the world. Okay, for the world is  a slightly ginormous, astronomical exaggeration, but my point is, this trip is something that I’ve been looking forward to for months. But I’ve also been dreading it. I know that makes no sense, but just check out this post and you’ll know why.

I pretty much can get lost driving along a familiar rural, straight highway. So the eight hour drive in KC is a lot for directionally-challenged Me to digest. Last time I went to Kansas City I actually drove with Mom and Clare. My mom and my sister were going to visit relatives and swap out a car with Patrick, who was driving from Dallas to meet us. Somehow, while trying to locate my uncle’s house in the suburbs, we ended up getting lost…as in really lost. As in going under a tunnel and entering a train depot area instead of the exit I had thought it was. Trust me, there was a lot of screaming that went on while I shifted my car up into reverse and gunned it away from the threat of getting flattened by a  speeding train.

To my relief, just last week I came up with the perfect solution to get to KC without getting miserably lost. Nope, its not a GPS, its having Jacob come with me! Jacob is interning for our farm. When he came here from Iowa last month, my dad jokingly suggested an arranged marriage between him and one of the many daughters of a family friend. This family used to be “normal”, then went Amish, and now I think they’re kind of a mix of both (sorry, its  a long story!).

Anyhow, now Jacob, our root crop intern, can become GPS Jacob, because he’s going to drive with yours truly to KC and then drive an hour out of the city to spend the rest of the week with the maybe-wife-potential family.

Needless to say, I think it’s a beneficial arrangement for both of us. I get to hang out with my friends, and he gets to look for a wife. Perfecto!

As an additional note, I know this picture I’m posting isn’t exactly relevant, but Kate encourages posting pictures and this is the closest one I have to the topic of this post. It was actually taken in the middle of the night, in the middle of a Pittsburgh to Chicago trip that Kate, Robert, and I made. As you can see, we Slatterys really know how to be ridiculous and have fun while on the road. I’ll have to teach GPS Jacob the art, because its time to follow the “yellow brick road” all the way to Kansas!

More later…


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