Monthly Archives: September 2012

Kate’s Quilt

by Mary

Kate’s pregnancy brought about the inspiration to create a quilt for the newest edition of the family. The initial visualization of the quilt (all the way back in January) was at best vague, but in May I started embroidering 12 Mason Jar quilt blocks.

By the time August rolled around, the blocks needed a new home, rather than the nylon bag they were wadded up in. It was time to look for fabric. Some stops at fabric stores resulted in a colorful collection of material. After the fabric and blocks were ready to be quilted, it was time for the fairy godmother (see my Cinderella Sundress post) to set the blanket project into action. The hum of a sewing machine was a frequent noise throughout last month. When I’d come across my mother bent over the machine, I’d think about her former maiden initials- TLC. The Slattery family matriarch put a committed amount of tender loving care into what is now a beautiful baby quilt, which she completed the night she and Clare flew out to Pittsburgh to wait with Kate as she prepares to welcome her son into the world.

Teaming up with Mom to design and produce this gift has been a gift in and of itself. I am grateful for the privilege of being a daughter to such a beautiful mother, and for the gift of another nephew- that is, if Kate ever has her child, who is overdue by MANY days. Perhaps she will continue being pregnant for the rest of her life, in which case I suppose we could re-gift the quilt to Aurora, who is due in January. I rather like that alternative, seeing as it saves me from starting another quilt project.