Cale Plus Katelyn

By Mary

Poor Cale. Like the rest of my brothers he has pleaded to keep out of this blog, which is known as a girly thing, or something of the sorts by the males of the family. The thing is: Cale’s a pretty news worthy guy with his stellar sense of humor and unique way of bringing fun into even the most mundane of situations or conversations.

A year and a half ago, Cale showed up to Robert’s wedding with Katelyn Peterson who was at the time finishing up her studies for a degree in elementary ed at the University of Dallas. After more than a year of long distance dating, Cale proposed to Katelyn in June. In January, the two of them will tie the knot with a winter wedding ceremony in the Twin Cities where Katelyn grew up and now lives once again.

This means that the sweetridgesister blogging team (AKA, Kate who is known as a master wedding blogger), will be acting as the paparazzi, and stalking our current family newsmakers during their wedding celebrations.

After marriage, Cale will be moving to the cities. Cale’s transition is a bittersweet one for us. He really is more of a sibling than a cousin to our family. For the past 10 years, Cale has been living with various groups of Slattery siblings. He started out by living with my parents in high school and then entered the adult world, while living in North Carolina at a time in which Kate, Gabe, and Robert all lived there. When in college, he went to the same school as Robert and Gabe, and eventually transferred over to UD with Patrick and Raphael. Cale is a family mediator who is close to all of us in different ways. He makes such an effort to maintain an individual relationship with each of us siblings.

That’s a pretty big job in a family so large! Lucky for him, he’s had some pretty fun adventures along the way.

Don’t let the pictures fool you though. Although generally Cale does spend most of his time with Robert, the two of them aren’t drifting abroad in Ireland or living the life of a beach bum. Nah, they are generally climbing scaffolding and scaling roofs while working on jobs for Rob’s business: Ascension Builders.

It is a known fact that my brother, Rob will miss his work partner and closest cousin. I feel similarly saddened about Cale’s soon to be absence. The times from which most of my best and worst memories come often originate in the company of Cale. He has been like a cousin, brother, and closest friend to me … so him moving away isn’t something that I look forward too.

A loss can be a gain though. Cale’s choice in choosing Katelyn has been a good one, and I am super happy to soon have a new sister-in-law, slash cousin-in-law, slash I am not sure what to call her! Katelyn is an especially fun and authentic person. Dad used to always say that Cale only went for girls with Miss America looks. Well, Katelyn has that going on for her, paired with a fun and intelligent nature, and a sense of humor that is both honest and comedic. Plus, she’s a Norwegian gal to boot!

I am thankful that Cale made the decision to spend the last 10 years as a sort of  honorary sibling, and I look forward to the future of seeing Cale maybe a little less, but enjoying his company and that of Katelyn’s just as much if not more, on a less often basis.

Congratulations Katelyn and Cale! Best wishes and all my love.


1 thought on “Cale Plus Katelyn

  1. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Congratulations to Cale and Katelyn. The Twin Cities are not that far from Sweet Ridge. My eldest has been long-distance dating, too, and now her boyfriend is relocation to the Cities, too, so they can be closer to one another. Ah, love.


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