Here Comes Fall…

By Mary

Yes, I know, the average person looks forward to fall. Especially if it’s unfolding in a flurry of color like it does here in the midwest.

However, my feelings about autumn can pretty much be summed up to that of the attitude I carried with me a week or so ago when I bought yet another pair of sweatpants. At the cash register I concluded with a glum grimace that I will probably be shrouded in sweats and a bulky hoodie until, oh, about say April.

While many look forward to the autumnal parade of colors that sweep in after Labor Day weekend, I personally delight in the fresh goodness of late summer colors.




Despite my confessed autumn pessimism, fall is here:


and it’s pretty darn gorgeous (as is my sister Clare!)


And tasty. Nothing can beat the taste of fresh apples or homemade applesauce.


And last of all, it’s a pretty comfortable clothes season- especially when you are committed to sweats and hoodies…

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