An Unconventional Alphabet

by Kate

No one has ever described my family as conventional. While my parents didn’t believe in television, regular hair brushing, or (to be honest) a great deal of rigorous discipline, my father did teach me that it is totally appropriate to bring a toddler along as an assistant when, say, taking photos of a dancer at a fancy art opening. So last Friday evening I pulled out my trusty pleather leggings, put my toddler on my hip and my camera around my neck….

and headed downtown.

Granted, there was a bit of a tense moment with the security guard when Olympia headed with wide eyes toward some fascinating and fragile paper dancers.

In fact, that moment convinced me that next time I headed to a fancy art gallery, I would do so alone. There are limits to the toddler as photographic assistant. But overall, Olympia was extremely well behaved. She was very interested in the exhibits…

and this view from this corner of the gallery.

It is a great view of the Pittsburgh Downtown.

She hung out with us in the pre-performance backstage glamour familiar to every bellydancer, ie the ladies room….

And watched Janim’s gorgeous performance with wide eyes and complete stillness, crouched on the floor by my feet.

I am totally unfamiliar with shooting dancers, let alone taking photos in dim spaces awash with multimedia art presentations flickering on multiple screens, and I was unable to capture the startling beauty of the veil performance, but I did get this great shot which I think captures some of the great joy my good friend Jen radiates when she dances.

After the performance, we gathered up silk veils and toddler and slipped through the crowds of sophisticates and out the door.  Outside the SPACE gallery, we took time for an impromptu alphabet lesson.

I don’t let Olympia watch television at home, and so far she has missed out on the glories of Sesame Street…

…but we are definitely working on the whole alphabet thing, in our own way.

4 thoughts on “An Unconventional Alphabet

  1. Jenna Hatfield

    You should take Burgh Baby’s photo class. She’ll give you the crash course in your settings so you can get the shots you want.

    That said, there are limits to toddler as photographic assistants. Totally. But sometimes it’s fun. When BB turned 3, we gave him an old camera and he began “shooting” things “with” me. It’s still a blast. 🙂

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      True, I should do this. I should definitely look into that class. I am just such a lazy point and shoot photographer, and have so far resisted any and all opportunities to know what I am doing. What a great idea to give BB an old camera! -kate

  2. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    I love those alphabet shots, especially that last one of you and Olympia. Just so darned cute.

    P.S. I didn’t let my girls watch Sesame Street or other TV shows either, much to the amazement of many. Non-traditional and creative is good, very good.

  3. Eric

    Like you I am lazy photographer – but google works wonders on how to do things…just saying….I don’t know if that makes me more lazy or less lazy…Oh well!


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