When The Roommate is Away…

By Colleen

It’s the end of finals week here at the University of Dallas, and consequently, the end of the school year.  I must admit that I’m excited to go home to the cool green hills of Wisconsin (escaping the humid hotness that has begun to make the mosquitoes dance and the air waver in the afternoon sun).  But right now, I’m all about enjoying the present.

Recently, my roommate reminded me that we have no pictures together.  “What?” I gasped, “How could part of my life have been undocumented by pictures??  That’s just barbaric!”  …Okay, so maybe I didn’t say that.  But I was kind of surprised.  I happen to have had a wonderful roommate this year.  I realized this when I came home for Christmas break and heard horror stories from my friends about control freak girls who regulate mealtimes and friend time, not to mention the ones who have “gentleman callers” come by every other night.  Becca, on the other hand, is pretty much perfect.  She studies way more than I, thus guilt-tripping me into actually working on homework once in a while, and likes sleep almost as much as I do.  I say almost because there is no one I know who insists on 8 hours of sleep a night more strongly than I.  It doesn’t matter WHAT time I go to bed-I get those 8 hours in.  Otherwise, Collen is NOT happy.

There are just some things you don’t subject your roommate to,even one  as sweet and kind as Becca.  Like talk radio.  And one’s newest obsession to a Belarussian pop singer.  And garlic (but to be fair, I put the jar of garlic bulbs into the fridge when it started making our room smell a little pungent).  But these things are necessary to life.  So, when Becca has gone home for weekend or break, I take full advantage of the situation, and it’s party time!  That’s right, I pull up my pop music and play it loud!  But more often, I get out the radio and tune it to NPR, lie on my bed, and listen away.  I might even dance around the room in my pajamas, the ratty ones that I brought from home but am too proud to wear here. I know, I know- I am one crazy college student.

This past school year has been wonderful.  I have achieved far more than I ever thought I could, musically, academically, and even (surprise!) athletically.  I came into the second semester with a feeling of “This semester, I’m going to change!”  For some reason, I felt that it was time for little old Colleen Slattery to become more exciting and crazy; in short, I wanted to push myself and see if I truly do like the person I’ve become over these 19 years on the planet.  And you know what?  I know who that is.  And I happen to really like her.  She’s the girl who writes poetry during class and maps out runs in her head when she wakes up in the morning, the girl who will always laugh at a pun and defend her family’s honor at all costs, the girl who won’t drink at a party and will most likely head home early (hey! I’ve gotta get that 8 hours in!), the girl who lies on her bed listening to NPR for fun.  That’s me.  Yup, that’s me.

So long UD!  I’m heading home 🙂

4 thoughts on “When The Roommate is Away…

  1. georgettesullins

    I don’t purposefully listen to NPR…but when it’s on I listen and I tell whoever is in the car to keep it there. Smart girl to leave Dallas and go home to Wisconsin for the summer. Congratulations…one more semester down.

  2. Jenna

    It’s awesome that you have that sense/knowledge of who you are-that is invaluable to happiness! You are confident and beautiful and I’m so happy that it’s been a good year for you. =)


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