Bright, light.

by Kate

This week marks the midpoint of my pregnancy. I celebrated this milestone with a trip to the thrift store. After a full month of wearing beat up low cut jeans with a rubber band strung through the frayed buttonhole on my more sophisticated days and regularly fighting the temptation to wear pajama pants in public, it was time to admit that I needed maternity jeans. In the dressing room, I pulled on a pair and then threw my arms to the sky in exultation. Why, I wondered, did I hesitate so long? In fact, why does anyone wear anything other than maternity pants with a soft elastic waist, ever?! I will know the answer to this a few months hence, but for now I am reveling in dowdy luxury.

Except on formal occasions, like the Legends of Raq Bellydance show I attended last night with my toddler as my date.  On formal occasions, my current policy is to keep dowdiness at bay with brightly printed dresses and high heels- four inch high orange wedges, in this case. Because every six foot tall pregnant woman lugging a squirming 40 pound toddler to a late night live dance show needs high heels.

I do love those shoes. I saw them at Target last week and reached out for them, powerless to resist. I figured they would elevate my maternity style, both figuratively and literally, and I really think the knowledge that I possessed them gave me the courage to reach for the maternity jeans again. Everything else we are wearing came straight from a long and productive morning at the South Side Salvation Army. My maxi dress was inspired by my gorgeous sister-in-law Nicole, who is also six foot tall and due to have her baby any time in the next two weeks, and the general explosion of color was inspired by my husband, who recently informed me that wearing all black at all public events is not always sophisticated and is often boring, and also by my bright curly haired toddler who is VERY proud of her fingernail polish and was a delightful date at the dance show.

And finally, my recent sartorial brightness is definitely a result of the spring and the flowers and the light pouring into the world. The world is bright, these days.

9 thoughts on “Bright, light.

  1. Lydia

    Lovely! I may have to stalk out a pair of those shoes for myself. I must admit to being absolutely blown away that you were able to find maternity jeans long enough for you at a thrift store! I’ve never had any luck finding second hand maternity jeans that fit and, as a result, my overpriced maternity jeans are among my most jealously guarded clothing items. And I think I just won a record for how many times one can say “maternity jeans” in a blog comment.

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      The secret is that my legs are not long. They are probably shorter than yours. My torso is the same length as that of my six five husband- when we are sitting down we are the same height. My biggest problem with maternity jeans is that they tend to be baggy and bizarre looking. I’m not at all sure the ones I bought are not hideous. We shall see. -kate

  2. Jenna

    I love your shoes!! After you mentioned them in that comment, I was hoping for a picture, and I have not been disappointed. =) By the way . . . you totally don’t look pregnant yet. Amazing. I think your tall frame just absorbs the extra baby volume.

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      No, I don’t look pregnant yet- in certain outfits, in certain lights, when photographed straight on. I took care of THAT situation today, I think- just an hour ago I had an impromptu photo shot showing my pregnancy.


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