by Kate

Happy Easter from Pittsburgh!

On the night before Easter, my (gorgeous) sister in law Nicole lamented her fate as she attempted to find the best Easter dress to put on a nine month pregnant body. As someone who once attended Easter Mass the day before delivering a baby, I definitely sympathized. I told her my theory involved very high heels and very bright prints. Ideally, a dramatic hat finishes the outfit nicely. Sadly, none of my hats matched the brightly printed dress I chose for my four month pregnant frame this year, but I like to think that my fuchsia heels made up for the missing hat.

Olympia was brightly dressed as well, though somewhat less than perfectly behaved. Suffice it to say we sat in the back pew.

Oh, the excitement of attending a long mass with a child who has just turned two, and then been given an Easter Basket.

It was a beautiful mass however, as I told my husband who missed most of it during a long chocolate fueled ramble through the neighborhood. And it was a beautiful Easter. We were invited to a party full of sunlight and champagne…

Argentinian empanadas and red wine…

Lots and lots of children….

And extremely photogenic babies.

The parents were pretty photographic as well.

I hope that your holiday was joyful, and peaceful, and bright. I’m off to steal more chocolate from my child’s Easter basket. It’s the right thing to do…. right?


8 thoughts on “Easter!

  1. Lydia

    2 is the worst age for keeping a child still in a pew. Keep trying it though, even for just a bit each week. It pays off. My older ones all sit nicely in the pew while I chase the little one!

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      She can make it through three quarters, but has only once or twice made it through the whole thing, especially on an hour plus feast day. Actually sitting in the front pew helps, because it keeps her engaged. We vacillate between trying that and letting her run in the back. -kate

  2. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Steal away. Olympia will never know you’ve been dipping into her chocolate. Your Easter images are lovely and I especially like the Alleluia message. Perfect. And the empanadas…oh, love them. My second daughter studied abroad and interned in Buenos Aires and she’s introduced this ethnic food to our family.

    I agree with Jenna. You do not look at all four months pregnant.


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