Exuberant Daughter

by Kate

The peach blossoms have fallen, the tulips are blooming, and today my daughter turns two years old.

Long limbed, curly haired, and exuberant, this child runs so fast that her feet barely skim the ground.

I have to run to keep up with this child- because she is so fast, because the world delights her so much and she is chasing it with open arms.

We catch her and hold her safe between her wild leaps of faith…

And give her a place to rest.

This year has been full of good things. Lots of books…

And music,

And dancing.

Lots of mischief…

And lots of beauty.

You are blooming, Olympia Julianna. Happy second birthday to you!

And now I’m off to make the chocolate cake I wrote one year ago. You can find the recipe and the story of Olympia’s very first birthday here:

Kate’s Chocolate Cake

5 thoughts on “Exuberant Daughter

  1. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Happy second birthday to your precious daughter, Kate. She’s beautiful and I love how you’ve captured the different faces of a two-year-old (although I don’t see any temper tantrum faces).

    That you are sharing books and music and more and allowing her those leaps of faith speaks of volumes for your parenting and love. Enjoy this day, which is as much a mother’s day, as a daughter’s birthday.

  2. justbetweencousins

    The leaps of faith will become larger and you will begin seeing your child land on their own two feet. They my get a scraped up knee but they will get up. My boys are older now. I do miss those days. Enjoy every moment!
    Peach State

  3. Jenna

    I can’t believe she’s already two! You’ve written a lovely tribute to her and her life-embracing personality. And I LOVE that picture of her being tossed mid-air in the pond.


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