For Clare

by Colleen

Clare is completely unique.  As the youngest of nine, one is bound to turn out wonderfully quirky and independent, and Clare is no exception .  Even though we are the closest in age out of all the sisters with only four years between us, Clare and I are very different; and I love that.

Clare possesses a sense of humor and a penchant for dry sarcasm that I only wish I could have.  She can make any situation hilarious with her whip-like come backs and little barbs of sarcastic joy.  But at other times, she can be the sweetest of little sisters.

Clare is not only possesses Irish gift of gab, she also is an amazing photographer.

As the last picture shows, she also has an amazing connection with little children, most specially our nieces and nephews.  Clare has been able to take care of children since she was a child herself.  It’s so beautiful to watch her as she plays with Claire, Adeline, Thaddeus, and Antonia.  They adore her and beg her to stay and “play more, play more!” every time; and with a loving smile, she will.

Clare also has followed in the family tradition (well really, only Kate and I have done it) of acting.  Although she is only a freshman in high school, she has already qualified for the state level acting competition coming up in April.  I had the chance to see her perform over break and was blown away.  Clare is not Clare when she’s up there; she truly is another person, and to see her change into her character before my very eyes was astounding.

Did I also mention that she’s beautiful?

This lovely (not so) little lady also happens to have a birthday today.  For the first time in 15 years I won’t be there to wish her a happy birthday and to remind her of how very special she is.  ‘Clare Bear’, I love you, and I miss you.  The day you came into this world was a blessing to our whole family.  Happy 15th birthday!

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