It’s The Little Things In Life That Make Us Rich

By: Mary

On Tuesday I had to return lamb replacer at the Tractor Supply store in Viroqua, WI. After the return was accepted, I decided that I would look around for just a teensy non-purchasing bit. I made it past the flower bulb and seed displays, and the tack isle, and even past the stock tanks that held fuzzy goslings and newly hatched spring chicks. ” I am just looking, not buying” is what I kept telling myself. However, I caught sight of the shelves of rain boots and that that’s when the real non-purchasing test began. One specific pair of boots seemed to be saying to me “Mary Brigid, you really must, must, must(!) purchase me to accompany you on your summer adventures.

I told myself that I didn’t need them, because after all, I already bought a pair of gray rain boots with butterflies on them while in New
York city with Colleen back in January.

But the talking boots at Tractor Supply are size 7, have roosters on them, are strawberry colored, and they really, really seemed like they wanted ever so much to get a lot of mud, muck and dirt on them. So of course I ended up walking out of the store with the boots in my hands. Later I christened them while digging out burdock root in a pasture, raking the yard and garden, and sawing down a lilac.

I don’t regret the purchase, because after all- a girl can’t have too many pairs of rain boots.

It’s the simple things in life like rain boots that make my lifestyle rich. Rich for the discounted sum of $9.99 followed by a session of physical labor in the sun.

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10 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things In Life That Make Us Rich

  1. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    I love that last shot of the boots all lined up. And at $9.99, I’d say you found a bargain too good to pass up. I wish they’d had fashionable boots like this when I was growing up on a southwestern Minnesota farm.

    BTW, I also savor meandering in those farm type stores. If you get back to town soon, can you photograph those chicks and share with us? And show us some of the other interesting merchandise.

    1. sweetridgesisters Post author

      It is a shame that they haven’t had pretty rain boots since the beginning of history! Poor Eve really lost out on not having any in the garden of Eden. Sorry you missed out on that when growing up too.

      Indeed, it is rather fantastic to wander about farm stores. A little too tempting, but fantastic none the less. I like your idea to do more on a farm store post. If only I had my camera with me last time…

  2. winsomebella

    Some of the best finds can be found at farm and ranch stores, I think. Glad you took the plunge–those are talkin’ boots 🙂

  3. The View Out Here

    Ten bucks?! Good shopping girl and they’re useful too. Bueno!
    I have have two pair for really wet weather. One pair of “Muck” boots, black. Booooring – but insulated and warm. Then I have these fantastic “Sorrel” rubber boots…Orange and brown…Love them – they’re so happy! Wore ’em again today. Happy Friday!


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