Seeing the Sea

by Kate

I love the ocean.

And during our California adventure, Olympia was able to see the sea for the first time. It took her breath away.

Or perhaps that was just the wind whipping the whitecaps and tearing through her hair. She loved the great grey waves and the circling gulls and this character in particular.

And I loved the beauty of the weathered blue and white against the sky.

I love the harmony of muted color found in a world scoured by sea and sand.

I am captivated by the angles of the pier and the texture of the worn wood against the rolling waves.

And I am always lured by the opportunity for a good dramatic portrait. Olympia on the other hand? She’s ready to explore.

I grew up on a on the edge of a ridge with the driftless valleys unfolding to the edge of the horizon. There is a boundlessness to the great sky and the rolling hills. Perhaps this is part of why I feel so akin to the ocean. I love the whip of the wind and the sense of wonder and buoyancy and discovering the world anew. It was great to see the sea in Southern California- and to watch small children discover it as well.

6 thoughts on “Seeing the Sea

  1. gojulesgo

    Ah, I wish I was there right now! I can definitely see the similarities between the sea and endless sky of your hometown, now that you mention it.

    Growing up in New Jersey, I’ve always felt a very strong pull towards the ocean. It’s almost a feeling of claustraphobia to be too far away.

    Beautiful pictures!


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