One Sweet Year

By Mary

The upcoming month of March marks the first year anniversary of this blog. It hardly seems like an entire 12 months has gone by since it’s conception. The original idea for this blog came to me last February when I was challenging myself to broaden my creative horizons beyond spending hours putting metallic heart beading on a purse that I was creating from the airbag of my beloved Passat that my little brother James had recently crashed, and counting down the days til spring.

At this point I was turning the corner from thinking that all blogs were a waste of time to becoming quite the fan of the Pioneer Woman’s blog after discovering her site and finding it much to my liking. I thought “Wow, my sisters and I could totally do something similar.” I figured as the descendants of a highly skilled journalist, we are all decent writers. And like Ree, we are a little witty and distinctive. Obviously each of us has our own style of writing as well as our own interests and talents.When the blog initially took off, Kate was the only one with a working camera. Mine was broken and Clare’s needed a new charger. Buying myself a new camera and getting Clare’s back in working order was the solution to enhancing the visual expressions of our chronicles. It has been a good way to display Clare’s photography talents on a larger scale as well as to give visuals to the posts. Clare and Kate were even able to work together long distance on their famous Anthropologie post.

I am especially proud of Clare for changing what was then her 13 year old attitude, and jumping on the Slattery Sister blogging bandwagon. She is at a fragile point in life but chooses to simply be herself and let her voice be heard.She writes with great honesty and heart, and it is a pleasure to watch her grow as a writer.

It was a big year for Colleen, as she graduated high school and headed off to college. Having Colleen move to Texas was very difficult for me. Connecting with her thru the blog is an extra incentive to keep it going. Every time that she writes a post about her college experience, I smile.

Essentially all acknowledgement regarding the accomplishment of beginning and maintaining this blog go to Kate. Without her there would be no blog. I may have had the idea, but it was simply a vision. Kate has been the one who has held this project together. Her work of setting up the site, publicity efforts, writing often times melodramatic and always entertaining posts, and acting as the editor, have given this blog life. She is the one who sends out the constant (and often disregarded)  message “BLOG POSTS!” to all of us sisters. At times our editor goes to the length of calling us on the phone to specify “I NEED a post.”

Metaphorically speaking: when Kate takes a break from acting as captain…..

and I step up to take on her responsibilities….

….our ship is just doesn’t operate the same way. Without her choleric bossiness, there is no blog.

Lastly, there would be no blog without you loyal readers who have been gracious enough to read our tales. Thank you sincerely for subscribing to, reading and commenting on sweetridgesisters. Speaking for all the girls- we are honored that you enjoy reading our posts, and feel as if we have made new virtual friends whose faces we have often times never met before. Thank you, thank you!

We look forward to continued writing in the year to come. Many known and unknown surprises are sure to be written of within the coming year. Keep reading our posts to find out, and we shall keep writing them. That is, of course, as long as Colleen, Clare and I keep getting facebook messages that read: BLOG POSTS!

Most sincerely,

Your friend from Sweet Ridge Sisters,


9 thoughts on “One Sweet Year

  1. thedailydish

    Happy Anniversary!!

    Blogging may seem shallow to some, but it’s opened a whole community of friendship and understanding for me personally, and I’m so glad to be a part of yours.

    Wishing you many wonderful years ahead!

  2. Jenna

    Happy 1st anniversary of blogging! I’m so glad you guys started this (thanks Kate for the necessary bossing =), and I look forward to reading every one of your posts.
    Incidentally, I also used to think that all blogs were a waste of time, and my mind was ALSO changed by the Pioneer Woman! Whaddya know.

  3. Margie

    Congrats girls! So glad you guys hung in there. Now, we would all like to see your smiling faces on our blogs too! Hint, hint! There are enough of you to divide and conquer! Here’s to another fun year with the Sisters!

  4. Therese Giles

    I have never before read a blog. Clarina told me to check this out and I’ve been blown away by it. Last night I spent two hours reading it and did not want to turn off the light and go to sleep. I remember all of you when you were younger and am delighted to read about all your experiences and passions. I love the descriptions of your home and family. I seriously think this could be material for a book of some sort. My love to all of you!

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