The Life And Exploits of A Freshman Girl

By: Clare

Freshman year of high school is a whirlwind of activity. I’m halfway through the school year already, and I almost can’t believe it. Everything seems to have gone so fast. It makes me wonder…..was it a whole semester ago when those two of my friends hated each other. Did my one friend really date him for a whole week? And most importantly….how have I put up with that one kid in my class this whole school year!? Ah, high school, your constant entertainment is ever so time filling.

My family is convinced that I am quite popular in my class. This is true, and I can almost tell you readers that with some pride. But the truth is , Cashton High School has about 150 students over all, tops, and my class about 38 kids in it. Wa-hoo. Colleen was really horrified when she found I was at the top of the social ladder in school. She had found popularity completely pointless, and had gone her own way, being completely cool and unique. I myself easily settled into the role of “the girl everyone likes”. This wasn’t a hard spot to fill, because I found that everyone liked me most when I acted…like myself. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a mindless zombie who dresses, talks, and acts like every other girl in my grade. I still have my own distinct style, totally different than the monotonousness Aeropostale tee shirts and Silver jeans most other girls wear on a daily basis. I don’t have to throw a swear word in or two to express my anger, and I act however Clare Slattery normally acts.

But, now, Cashton High School holds a winter dance every January called Snoball. What a cool name! You can already tell it is a super hip party, right? Right? A-hem. Well, Snoball requires a Snoball court, which is made up of students who are voted onto it by their fellow students. The time had come to vote and I found, to my extreme surprise, that votes were really flowing in for the freshman class that had MY name on it. Me? Oh. Oh, well, wow. Except that freshman girls are silly, and they are the only little naive creatures who will actually take this vote seriously. In other words, all of the other high school students voted for the most special ed kid in their class. All of the freshman boys actually voted for the girl in my class who….well….it takes you a while to realize that she is, in fact, a girl and NOT a boy. So many boys voted for her that a tie-breaker actually had to be held between her and I, which I did end up winning. And, so, I was catapulted onto the most special ed high school court ever, making it look as if I had been another pity vote too. Greeeat.

The thing was, though, only girls were voted onto court, meaning I had to choose a boy from my class to go with me to this dance. “Oh, gosh”, I thought as I approached the boy I was about to ask, “I’m never gonna live this down with my family”. And I was right. I was oh so very right. My brothers will never let me forget this boy.

Excuse my demonic look in this picture. And that I am staring intensely at something far away from the camera pointed at me.

I have to say, with all of my sister’s scattered across the country I was feeling very hopeless about how I was going to get ready for the dance by myself. Finding the dress was easy, I simply had to walk into Mary’s room and pluck out the dress I wanted. But what was I going to do with my hair?!

Thankfully, a very kind friend saved the day by deciding I could get ready at her house, where my hair and makeup were overseen by her and her little sister.

I had actually been invited to eat out with my friend and one other girl at a local restaurant before the dance. And yes, my “date” did come along too.

The dance itself was not too highly attended, and I surprised myself by actually having a great time. And that was that. My very first high school dance.

Shhhh..I don’t think my brothers know I had to slow dance with The Boy. Don’t worry, he and I kept as far away as our arms would let us. Oh, freshmen.

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