The Valiant Ben

by Mary

Blogging has become a long lost art in the more recent time of my life. The valid excuse that I have to offer, though, is that my laptop came to a viral demise the same week that I considered going into the emergency room due to my own viral ailments.

After I was finally well enough to care about the computer, I did what I do typically when faced with a problem that I am non interested in dealing with. I went and whined to my brother Patrick. (You may remember Patrick from his Sweet Ridge Sisters Parody.)

“What am I going to do with this thing, Pat?” I asked. His response was “Duh- Ben.” Relief came from his problem solving answer.

Ben is a friend of my brother Robert’s, and has become a valiant friend to the entire family.

As a matter of fact, he actually lived in my parent’s house the summer following his graduation from college. Though his degree is in philosophy and his employment is in the IT field, he learned some down home country and Slattery survival skills from us while in Wisconsin.

Ben also discovered how much fun it is to roar around a twisted ridge road in his loud Bronco with a gaggle of Slattery brothers and one Slattery sister (me) along for the ride on late summer nights. Another discovery Ben hit upon was the reward of plunking a few coins into the Jukebox at Leo and Leona’s for the return satisfaction of having the bar come alive to the vintage melodies of none other than Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. In the past I’ve implored Ben’s help with numerous car problems and various other issues. He’s even helped me plant broccoli. When I called him about the laptop, he told me to ship it to him in Washington, and he’d take care of it. Sure enough, he has. Hence, I’m writing this post in gratification to Ben today. My grand bill for the repairs? A few drinks at Leo and Leona’s when he makes his next annual summer visit. Oh and some baking that includes banana bread and cookies. Talk about a sweet deal! I can do that, and heck- I’ll throw a few coins in the jukebox to play some Nelson and Jennings. Thank you Ben, for helping me out.

Also, readers, I’m back again from abandoning the blog. I’ve enjoyed my sabbatical from the computer, got in a lot of good reading, and am looking forward to using my new and improved laptop to bring a little bit of my world into your world again.

6 thoughts on “The Valiant Ben

  1. Jenna

    I’m glad you’re back–I’ve missed you girls! And it’s awesome that you have such a friend in your life and family. Let’s just say that computer problems are EXPENSIVE and if I could get some done for a loaf of banana bread and a few drinks, I’d be grateful too. =)


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