The View From Above

by Colleen

It’s hard to believe that I’ll already be leaving home next Tuesday.  It seems like I’ve barely touched the frozen ground, and now I’ll be off to the sunny state of Texas before I know it.  But first, I’ll be taking a detour to New Jersey to visit Emma at Princeton and spend some time in New York City.  I’m sure there will be much to report on when I return to Dallas about that.

In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying being home.  Catching up with family and friends…

Holding my beautiful God-daughter…

And watching my little brother play basketball…

Those three things pretty much summed up my winter existence in the years past.  Plus running of course.  It’s been lovely to run the familiar roads of home again, despite the colder weather.  But now, I feel that I am running them with a different attitude.

As I went out for a typical run at home the other week, I looked up at the hills surrounding me.  We live on a ridge, and so everywhere I run I must descend into the valleys and brave the hills to get back home again.  But never once had I thought about those hills; never once had I thought to climb them.  It doesn’t sound like a very important fact, but the obviousness of the thought struck me.  I’ve been living in this place for 18 years and never even tried to scale those hills, to reach the breath-taking top.

And so, I stopped, stepped off the cold concrete of the road, and began to climb.  Slowly at first, picking my way cautiously through the brush and brambles, but then picking up speed.  Suddenly it was imperative that I reach the top, that I see what was there where the gray sky met the pale brown winter ridgeline.  And when I reached the top, I looked down.  The road I had run for so many years looked tiny, and I imagined a tiny Colleen running there, oblivious to the beauty of the view from above.

Being home is wonderful.

6 thoughts on “The View From Above

  1. gojulesgo

    Beautiful post, and way to go on scaling the hill! I hope you have a GREAT time in my neck ‘o the woods (New Jersey/NYC) – I can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Sometimes it takes leaving to truly appreciate the beauty that has always been there, right in front of you.

    My family drove through your ridge area this summer while vacationing in Wisconsin and were totally, absolutely, in awe of the beauty. Of course, the narrow, winding roads south and west of Tomah, between La Crosse, were also unlike any roads we traveled. I warned my husband not to stray from the appointed path or we would have been hopelessly lost.

  3. Christopal Cohon

    Oi Colleen, do you know about Phedippidations? It’s a free podcast for runners, by an Easterner called Steve, who happens to be Catholic. I don’t even run but it is one of my favourites.


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