A Sense of Wonder

by Kate

The clouds have been low and looming the past few days, with grey skies and intermittent cold rain. Bare branches and rattling leaves cast spiked shadows, and at night the bright silver moon peers through the bony fingers of the trees. The flaming glow of autumn light has faded, but this picture is currently set as the screensaver on our computer, reminding me of autumn light streaming through the changing leaves.

It also reminds me of the importance of nurturing a sense of wonder. Living with a small child is a remarkable opportunity to remember to be open to discovery and delight on a daily basis. In this park, I often catch myself wanting to take Olympia’s hand and rush forward, toward something different and something new. I have to take the time to stop, crouch down, consider the intricacy of the leaf she is holding, or the mysterious depths beneath the grated drain cover. There is wonder everywhere- waiting for us to open our eyes and behold it.

11 thoughts on “A Sense of Wonder

  1. Java Girl

    Love the post and picture! The tree at the end of the sidewalk is stuff of Narnia where you see something off in the distance and you run to it! Yes, I agree with how chidren look at the world. Even though my son is 10, he still has wonderment at the stars at night (we love stargazing) and baby animals we encounter. Children are such a lovely gifts, aren’t they? Great post!

  2. walkingpapers

    Kate–such a timely reminder as we get all ramped up for the holidays, often not taking the time to remember what it is really all about. When I watch my six year old son walk into the school gates, so excited to be there, I sometimes see him walking into the future and it makes me cry with a mixture of pleasure ad pain. So I get what you are feeling. I think what it might be is a sense of wonder returning to me–something I lost along the way to adulthood. It’s a cool second chance. Thanks for stopping by Walking Papers. Keep it up, Sweetridge sisters!

  3. niasunset

    Thank you Kate, for visiting my blog. I am so glad to meet with you and with your sisters and with your blog… You are all amazing. What a nice writing and and photograph. With my love, nia

  4. Noreen

    hey kate, that’s how i became a teacher! when i volunteered in my 3-year-old (now 14!)’s classroom, at first i wanted to rush off, “don’t we have somewhere important to be?!” then i realized that life was happening right there, in the room. the children were working and growing, and it was beautiful. so, enjoy. i’m so happy you realize how special this time is. joy and happy weekend!

  5. georgettesullins

    Thank you for stopping by my site. I love this “I have to take the time to stop, crouch down, consider the intricacy of the leaf she is holding, or the mysterious depths beneath the grated drain cover.”
    Like CMW says “great minds think alike.” You and I have the same wp theme, MistyLook. From your posts I think we have a bit in common. Looking forward to returning.

  6. emaymusic

    Kate – I love your blog and your posts! How awesome to see thoughts from all different types of women who all come from the same place, in some sense. Thanks so much for sharing!


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