The Queen of Brussel Sprouts

by Kate

Once upon a time, I lived in a cabin perched halfway up a high mountain in the Blue Ridges of North Carolina and I had one of the best jobs in the whole wide world. I worked with farmers all over those mountains, helping them to market their crops. I had all kinds of amazing adventures doing this job, from meeting with hospital executives to riding at high speeds through eerie acres of a massive warehouse so that I could meet with harried and important Bigtime Buyers in tiny offices. I spoke about the plight and potential of farming to many different audiences and met super fancy high end chefs and tasted incredible food made with local ingredients. But my favorite thing to do was head out in my beat up 4runner and twist up over mountain passes and pull into the driveway of a mountain farm, and meet farmers like Charles Church.

I really, really loved my farmers. Still do. In fact, I rarely look at the pictures I took in the years that I worked for ASAP because I miss my farmers- and my job- too much. I was always be grateful for the opportunity to do work that I loved so much.

You can find many more shots from the work that I did in North Carolina here. If you live near Asheville, you just may see a picture I took in a supermarket or hospital cafeteria or restaurant one day. You never know. But the real reason I am telling you this story, is that every time I took pictures of my farmers I was reminded of the many times that I toiled in the field at home and wished someone would show up to take a glamorous picture of me. All right, so I wasn’t home enough to toil very often, and I was thrilled to be at the other end of the camera, but with all the posters and calendars and billboards of farmers out there these days, a Slattery HAS to show up on one of them at some point, right?

The day has arrived. Soon, the lucky customers of the Viroqua Food Coop in Viroqua, Wisconsin will shop for produce under the benevolent gaze of my sister Mary, the Brussel Sprout Queen.

I didn’t take this picture- my father the erstwhile journalist and photographer wiped the mud off his hands and took this shot. He’s also the one who suggested that the Viroqua Coop feature Mary. He then headed into the fields with her for this autumnal shoot. Mary has been a faithful supplier of high quality organic produce for years now. Other than my father, Mary is currently the real farmer in the Slattery family. She’s an incredibly hard worker and is and stubborn and passionate and surprisingly sweet beneath her tough attitude- just like all the other farmers I love.


(In 2012 my sister Clare took over as the Brussel Sprout photographer and you can see her work here: The King and Queen of Brussels)


8 thoughts on “The Queen of Brussel Sprouts

  1. Jenna

    Wow–that’s so cool! We’re going to be in Wisconsin for a few days this Christmas, and if we have a chance to swing by Viroqua I’ll have to stop in the Co-Op just to check out her picture!

  2. gojulesgo

    That is awesome – both your past job and the soon-to-be-famous picture! I was in Asheville during a roadtrip when I was 19. We visited the Biltmore Estate…and after that, boy did we have an adventure getting lost in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

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